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Research Valorization Hub

As a result of our practical nature, a number of research programs offered at the Université de Sherbrooke (UdeS) involve practice-oriented training. This includes PhD programs in administration and economics. To promote the coexistence of the two areas—practice and research—we have decided to organize meetings between the organizations and our doctoral students. Managers in the industry are briefed on our students’ research projects and may elect to become involved with them. As a result, a number of knowledge transfer projects are launched each year. Academic projects turn into business projects, all overseen by the Research Valorization Hub – RCGT, which provides UdeS students with significant benefits:

  • Concrete contribution to the advancement of theoretical knowledge
  • Assistance provided through the Mitacs Accelerate scholarship program 
  • Academic project featured in a portfolio, consulted by many organizations

From the beginning of doctoral studies, students receive this assistance so that they can find a host organization for their internship. Each student is featured in a portfolio based on the field of expertise that best represents them. The partnership developed with the Mitacs organization enables businesses and organizations to benefit from major funding if they partner with our students’ research projects. 

For details and applicable conditions, visit the RCGT hub page.