Drafting Days (Réd-ACTION)

Drafting an essay, a paper, or a thesis is a demanding and difficult task that requires significant concentration and considerable mental effort. It is a key step of the learning path, but often includes a number of obstacles: Isolation, lack of recognition and understanding, sense of inadequacy or incompetence, loss of sight of the objective and priorities, lack of inspiration and motivation, sense of becoming overwhelmed, difficulty initiating work, anxiety, exhaustion, lack of financial resources, difficulty balancing drafting, family, and work.

Support measures for student success

At the Université de Sherbrooke, we are aware of this reality. We have implemented various support measures to foster student success and help graduate students overcome these challenges. Among these measures, Drafting Days are very helpful during this key period of the academic path. They combine the ideal conditions to draft an essay, a paper, or a thesis.

Environment fostering concentration and productive drafting;

  • Set schedule from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.;
  • Proven method of interval drafting;
  • Drafting tools available to participants;
  • Workshops on topics of interest and wellness activities to clear your mind throughout the day;
  • Complimentary snacks and lunch offered.

By participating in Drafting Days, offered free every first Friday and last Saturday of the month, you will have no other concerns but drafting!

In addition to greatly contributing to implementing drafting discipline in the later stages of studies, these activities also foster discussions among students.

These events take place simultaneously on the Longueuil and Sherbrooke campuses (main campus and health campus) with the option to participate as often as you like! Registration is required as places are limited. Go for it: Let’s DRAFT!

To reserve your place, check the opening of the registration periods regularly! (in French)