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Advanced materials and industrial processes for superconducting circuits


Sylvain Nicolay, Professeur - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Michel Pioro-Ladrière, Professeur - Department of Physics
Faculté des sciences
Département de physique
Faculté de génie
Département de génie électrique et de génie informatique
Institut interdisciplinaire d'innovation technologique (3IT)
Institut quantique
Stage postdoctoral
3IT - Institut interdisciplinaire d'innovation technologique
Campus de Sherbrooke

Project Description

The fellow will be part of a research program which goal is to take advantage of the great maturity of micro-nano-fabrication technologies on silicon to develop large-scale quantum computers. It will be necessary to investigate how the deposition and processing of superconducting materials influence the performance of hybrid quantum circuits. It will also be necessary to elucidate the existing links between the mechanisms of growth of materials and their superconducting properties as well as to investigate the sources of loss of coherence of quantum devices relying on such materials.
Material deposition and characterization will be carried out in the state-of-the-art premises of the Interdisciplinary Institute of Technological Innovation (3IT), using equipment such as sputtering, thermal evaporation, atomic force microscopy, electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction or photo-spectroscopy. Subsequently, electrical measurements in cryogenic environments will be carried out at the Institut Quantique (IQ) and will focus on the study of the overall performance of the materials developed, specific tools for the characterization of losses will eventually have to be developed. This work will involve in particular(i)a deep understanding of the growth mechanisms and characteristics governing the properties of superconducting materials such as TiN, Nb or NbN; (ii)the measurement of the different physical and chemical properties of these materials, (iii)the analysis of the data collected and their physical interpretation; (iv) interactions with students and researchers of 3IT and IQ in charge of the manufacture and study of quantum circuits on silicon.

Discipline(s) by sector

Sciences naturelles et génie

Génie électrique et génie électronique

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