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Find out the research projects for which the Université de Sherbrooke is currently actively recruiting. This list is not exhaustive. By consulting the UdeS's Specialist Directory you will find the professional files of UdeS professors. Contact them to know about other possibilities.

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(Chaire CRSNG-IBM) High-density interconnects for high performance computing and artificial intelligence

Drouin, Dominique

(Chaire CRSNG-IBM) Study of the self-assembly of electronic chips assisted by the surface tension of solder balls

Drouin, Dominique

(Chaire NSERC-TDSI) MEMS encapsulation by direct conductive bonding

Fréchette, Luc

(MSc-PhD) Neuromorphic circuits and AI: study of memristor crossbars for the implementation of bio-inspired computing

Drouin, Dominique

(MScA – PhD) Design and implementation of spiking neural networks for signal enhancement

Plourde, Éric

3D Integration Process for Imagers AND Single Photon Avalanche Diode Array

Charlebois, Serge | Pratte, Jean-François

A New Experimental Feline Model of Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy for Translational Research

Godoy Pimenta, Newton José | Frigon, Alain

(Only available in French) | Acoustique virtuelle à partir de données expérimentales et théoriques avec méthodes paramétriques et mixtes

Gauthier, Philippe-Aubert

Acuators for Wearable Robotic Applications

Girard, Alexandre

Advanced materials and industrial processes for superconducting qubits

Drouin, Dominique | Pioro-Ladrière, Michel

AlN based piezoelectric thin films

Fréchette, Luc

(Only available in French) | Analyse automatisée d'images médicales multimodales d'une étude longitudinale de l'inflammation cérébrale

Lepage, Martin

(Only available in French) | Analyse de la performance des fournisseurs de notations ESG

Coggins, Frank

(Only available in French) | Analyse et conception d'un circuit intégré en CMOS 65 nm pour algorithmes de distribution de clés quantiques (QKD)

Charlebois, Serge | Pratte, Jean-François

(Only available in French) | Analyse multivariée d'un procédé de fabrication en continu appliqué au génie pharmaceutique

Gosselin, Ryan