Grandbois, Michel

Professeur, Faculté de médecine et des sciences de la santé

FMSS Département de pharmacologie-physiologie


819-821-8000, poste 72369

Langues parlées et écrites

Allemand, Anglais, Français


Post-doctorat,  ès sciences,  Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München (1999)

Doctorat,  ès sciences,  Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (1997)

Baccalauréat,  ès sciences,  Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (1992)


Sujets de recherche

Maladies cardiovasculaires, Mécanismes biologiques et biochimiques.

Centres de recherche

Aucun, Centre de recherche du CHUS.

Applications technologiques

Antihypertenseurs / Vasodilatateurs, Antinéoplasiques, Appareillage de recherche.

Disciplines de recherche

Biochimie, Biologie cellulaire.


Biomécanique moléculaire, Glycation, Mécanique cellulaire, Microscopie force atomiqu, résonance des plasmons de surface, Single molécule exp., Spectroscopie de force.

Recherche clinique : Non

Prix et distinctions

      Chaire de Recherche du Canada Tier II

      Type de reconnaissance : Distinction (2013)


Articles de revue

  • Adrien Buissonnière, Yannick Miron, Maurice Beaudoin, O Bou Matar, Michel Grandbois, Paul Charette et Alan Renaudin. Cell detachment and label-free sorting using modulated surface acoustic waves (SAWS) in droplet-based microfluidics., Lab on a Chip, 14 (18) : 3556-3563 (2015)
    Article publié
  • *Jean-Sébastien Maltais, Elie Simard, Ulrike Froehlich, Jean-Bernard Denault, Louis Gendron, Michel Grandbois. iRAGE as a novel carboxymethylated peptide that prevents advanced glycation end product-induced apoptosis and endoplasmic reticulum stress in vascular smooth muscle cells, Pharmacological Research (2015)
    Article accepté
  • Elie Simard, Thomas Söllradl, Jean-Sébastien Maltais, Julie Boucher, Pédro d'Orléans-Juste and Michel Grandbois. Receptor for Advanced Glycation End-products Signaling interferes with the Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Contractile Phenotype and Function., PLoS One, 10 (8) : e0128881 (2015)
    Article publié
  • Gregory Lacraz, André-Jean Rouleau, Vanessa Couture, Thomas Sollradl, Geneviève Drouin, Grandbois Michel and Guillaume Grenier. Increase Stiffness in Aged Skeletal Muscle Impairs Muscle Progenitor Cell Proliferative Activity., PLoS One, 10 (8) : e0136217 (2015)
    Article publié
  • Frederik Banville, Thomas Söllradl, Pierre-Jean Zermatten, Michel Grandbois and Paul Charette. Improved Resolution in SPR and MCWG microscopy by combining images acquired with distinct mode propagation directions, Optics Letters, 40 (7) : 1165-1168 (2015)
    Article publié
  • Frederic Trensz, Fabrice Lucien, Vanessa Couture, Thomas, Sollradl, Geneviève Drouin, André-Jean Rouleau, Grandbois Michel, Gregory Lacraz and Guillaume Grenier. Increased Microenvironment Stiffness in Damaged Myofibers Promotes Myogenic Progenitor Cell Proliferation, Skeletal Muscle, 17 (5) : 1-16 (2015)
    Article publié
  • Julie Boucher, Elie Simard, Ulrike Froehlich, Pédro D'Orleans-Juste, Michel Grandbois. Using carboxyfluorescein diacetate succinimidyl ester to monitor the glycation of proteins involved in cell contraction, Analytical Biochemistry, 478 : 73-81 (2015)
    Article publié
  • Bourassa P, Tudashki HB, Pineyro G, Grandbois M, Gendron L.. Label-free monitoring of μ-opioid receptor-mediated signaling., Mol Pharmacol., 86 (2) : 138-149 (2014)
    Article publié
  • Boucher J , Simard E , Froehlich U , Grandbois M. Amplification of AngII-dependent cell contraction by glyoxal: implication of cell mechanical properties and actomyosin activity., Integrative Biology (Camb), 6 (4) : 411-421 (2014)
    Article publié
  • *Nguyen N , Biet M , Simard E* , Béliveau E , Francoeur N , Guillemette G , Dumaine R , Grandbois M , Boulay G. STIM1 participates in the contractile rhythmicity of HL-1 cells by moderating T-type Ca(2+) channel activity., Biochimica et Biophysica acta, 1833 (6) : 1294-1303 (2013)
    Article publié
  • Chabot V* , Miron Y* , Charette PG , Grandbois M. Identification of the molecular mechanisms in cellular processes that elicit a surface plasmon resonance (SPR) response using simultaneous surface plasmon-enhanced fluorescence (SPEF) microscopy., Biosensors & bioelectronics, 50 : 125-131 (2013)
    Article publié
  • Bussonnière A*, Renaudin A, Miron Y*, Grandbois M, Baudoin M, Charette P. Removal of living cells from biosensing surfaces in droplet-based microfluidics using surface acoustic waves., J Acoust Soc Am., 133 (2) (2013)
    Article publié
  • Simard E , Kovacs JJ , Miller WE , Kim J , Grandbois M , Lefkowitz RJ. β-Arrestin regulation of myosin light chain phosphorylation promotes AT1aR-mediated cell contraction and migration., PloS one, 8 (11) : e80532 (2013)
    Article publié
  • Chabot V*, Miron Y*, Grandbois M, Charette P.. Long range surface plasmon resonance for increased sensitivity in living cell biosensing through greater probing depth, Sensors and Actuators B : Chemical, 174 : 94-101 (2012)
    Article publié
  • *Maltais JS , Denault JB , Gendron L , Grandbois M. Label-free monitoring of apoptosis by surface plasmon resonance detection of morphological changes., Apoptosis, 17 (8) : 916-925 (2012)
    Article publié
  • Lamontagne CA* , Plante GE , Grandbois M. Characterization of hyaluronic acid interaction with calcium oxalate crystals: implication of crystals faces, pH and citrate., Journal of molecular recognition : JMR, 24 (4) : 733-740 (2011)
    Article publié
  • Graham JS* , Miron Y* , Grandbois M. Assembly of collagen fibril meshes using gold nanoparticles functionalized with tris(hydroxymethyl)phosphine-alanine as multivalent cross-linking agents., Journal of molecular recognition : JMR, 24 (3) : 477-482 (2011)
    Article publié
  • Kocun M* , Grandbois M , Cuccia LA. Single molecule atomic force microscopy and force spectroscopy of chitosan., Colloids and surfaces. B, Biointerfaces, 82 (2) : 470-476 (2011)
    Article publié
  • Bovenzi V , Savard M , Morin J , Cuerrier CM* , Grandbois M , Gobeil F. Bradykinin protects against brain microvascular endothelial cell death induced by pathophysiological stimuli., Journal of cellular physiology, 222 (1) : 168-176 (2010)
    Article publié
  • Duplan V , Miron Y* , Frost E , Grandbois M , Dubowski JJ. Specific immobilization of influenza A virus on GaAs (001) surface., Journal of biomedical optics, 14 (5) : 054042 (2009)
    Article publié
  • Cuerrier CM* , Gagner A* , Lebel R* , Gobeil F , Grandbois M. Effect of thrombin and bradykinin on endothelial cell mechanical properties monitored through membrane deformation., Journal of molecular recognition : JMR, 22 (5) : 389-396 (2009)
    Article publié
  • *Cuerrier CM , Benoit M , Guillemette G , Gobeil F , Grandbois M. Real-time monitoring of angiotensin II-induced contractile response and cytoskeleton remodeling in individual cells by atomic force microscopy., Pflügers Archiv : European journal of physiology, 457 (6) : 1361-1372 (2009)
    Article publié
  • Chabot V* , Cuerrier CM* , Escher E , Aimez V , Grandbois M , Charette PG. Biosensing based on surface plasmon resonance and living cells., Biosensors & bioelectronics, 24 (6) : 1667-1673 (2009)
    Article publié
  • *Wieczerzak E , Hame R* , Chabot V , Aimez V , Charette PG , Grandbois M , Escher E. Monitoring of native chemical ligation by surface plasmon resonance., Advances in experimental medicine and biology, 611 (2009)
    Article publié
  • Mitchell G* , Lamontagne CA* , Brouillette E , Grondin G , Talbot BG , Grandbois M , Malouin F. Staphylococcus aureus SigB activity promotes a strong fibronectin-bacterium interaction which may sustain host tissue colonization by small-colony variants isolated from cystic fibrosis patients., Molecular microbiology, 70 (6) (2008)
  • Cuerrier CM* , Chabot V* , Vigneux S* , Aimez V , Escher E , Gobeil F , Charette PG , Grandbois M. Surface Plasmon Resonance Monitoring of Cell Monolayer Integrity: Implication of Signaling Pathways Involved in Actin-Driven Morphological Remodeling., Cellular and molecular bioengineering, 1 (4) (2008)
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  • Lamontagne CA* , Grandbois M. PKC-induced stiffening of hyaluronan/CD44 linkage; local force measurements on glioma cells., Experimental cell research, 314 (2) (2008)
  • Mitchell G* , Lamontagne CA* , Lebel R* , Grandbois M , Malouin F. Single-molecule dynamic force spectroscopy of the fibronectin-heparin interaction., Biochemical and biophysical research communications, 364 (3) (2007)
  • *Lebel R , McDuff FO , Lavigne P , Grandbois M. Direct visualization of the binding of c-Myc/Max heterodimeric b-HLH-LZ to E-box sequences on the hTERT promoter., Biochemistry, 46 (36) (2007)
  • Hosu BG , Sun M* , Marga F , Grandbois M , Forgacs G. Eukaryotic membrane tethers revisited using magnetic tweezers., Physical biology, 4 (2) (2007)
  • Cuerrier CM* , Lebel R* , Grandbois M. Single cell transfection using plasmid decorated AFM probes., Biochemical and biophysical research communications, 355 (3) (2007)

Chapitres de livre

  • Bourassa, Thomas Söllradl, Jean-Sébastien Maltais, Paul G. Charette, Louis Gendron and Michel Grandbois. Surface Plasmon Resonance to study cell signaling and GPCR functional selectivity in live cells Label-free biosensor methods in drug discovery, Label-free biosensor methods in drug discovery Springer "Methods in Pharmacology and Toxicology" series (2015)
    Article publié
  • Cuerrier CM*, Simard E*, Lamontagne CA*, Boucher J*, Miron Y*, Grandbois,M. Label-free monitoring of cell signaling processes through AFM-based force measurements, Life at the Nanoscale : Atomic Force Microscopy of live Cells, Pan Stanford Publishing : 353-373 (2011)
    Article publié

Autres Contributions

Activités de collaboration internationale

  • Research collaboration, , États-Unis (2010-02-01)


  • Investigation of intracellular signalling in single cells by SPR, CSC symposium on Surface Plasmon Resonance for Biological Applications, Ottawa, Canada (2015-06-15)
  • Le Nanomonde ou l'espace invisible, De l'infiniment grand à l'infiniment petit. Colloque du 50e anniversaire du FRQS., Montreal, Canada (2014-09-17)
  • Monitoring of AT1-R dependent contraction in individual cells, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München Walther-Straub-Institut für Pharmakologie und Toxikologie, Munich, Allemagne (2012-12-20)
  • AFM-based force sensing on individual cells; applications in pharmacology., Dept. of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University Dalhousie, Halifax, Halifax, Canada (2012-11-22)
  • AFM-based force sensing on individual cells; applications in pharmacology., Annual meeting of the Canadian Society of Pharmacology and Therapeutics. University of Toronto, Totonto, Canada (2012-06-12)
  • Force spectroscopy as a label-free readout of receptor activation in individual cells. NanoBio Views, NanoBio Views, Berlin, Allemagne (2010-10-06)

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