Chichekian, Tanya

Professeure, Faculté d'éducation



450-463-1835, poste 61816


(2014) New Teachers’ Self-Efficacy to Build, Implement, and Sustain Inquiry-Based Instruction. Doctorate (Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Psychology). McGill University.

(2011) Master's Thesis (Master of Arts in Educational Psychology - Masters). McGill University.

(1999) Bachelor's (Bachelor of Education). McGill University.

(1995) Diploma (Diploma of Collegial Studies (DEC)). Collège Bois-de-Boulogne.

Titres de compétence

Quebec Teaching Permit (BR257099). Gouvernement du Québec.

Expérience académique

(2019) Assistant Professor. Université de Sherbrooke.

(2016) Adjunct Professor. Université du Québec à Montréal.

(2016-2019) Adjunct Professor in the Professional Master of Education program. Queen's University at Kingston.

(2016-2018) Postdoctoral fellow. UQAM.

(2001-2016) Academic Advisor for the science department at Dawson College. Dawson College.

(2016) Instructor EDTL 500 (online)--Applications of Educational Psychology Across Classrooms. McGill University.

(2013-2015) Instructor for EDPE 602 (A graduate course entitled "Uses of Research Findings in Education"). McGill University.

(2012-2013) Co-Instructor for EDPE 697-698: Special Project (supervised MEd projects). McGill University.

(2010-2012) Research Assistant. McGill University.

(2010) Teaching Assistant for EDEE 332: Teaching Elementary Mathematics. McGill University.


Sujets de recherche

Educational Approaches, Modeling of Learning Processes, Teaching and Learning Systems.

Disciplines de recherche

Psychology, Psycho-pedagogy.


artificial intelligence, design thinking, educational psychology, higher education, innovative pedagogies, learning, motivation, persistence.

Intérêts de recherche

Artificial Intelligence in Education

Langues parlées et écrites

Armenian, Anglais, Français, Espagnol (castillan)

Prix et distinctions

  • (2018) postdoctoral fellowhip. Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC). (Prize / Award).
  • (2015) doctoral scholarship. Fonds de recherche du Québec - Société et culture (FRQSC). (Prize / Award).
  • (2010) Provost's Graduate Fellowship. McGill University. (Distinction).
  • GREAT Award (Graduate Research Enhancement Travel Award). McGill University. (Prize / Award).
  • Graduate excellence Fellowship. McGill University. (Honor).
  • Jenckes Prize (Convocation Award). McGill University. (Prize / Award).
  • Recognition Award for Theses and Dissertations on Teacher Education. Canadian Association for Teacher Education. (Prize / Award).
  • Walter A. & K. Mary Marsh Fellowship (Awarded by the Faculty of Education to outstanding graduate students in the Faculty who have demonstrated leadership qualities). Private Donor, McGill University. (Prize / Award).


Grant. (Awarded). Principal Applicant. SSHRC Partnership Development. Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC). Partnership Development. 199896 $ (2019-2022).

Grant. (Awarded). Principal Applicant. Institutional startup grant. University of Sherbrooke. Startup funds. 15000 $ (2019-2021).

Grant. (Completed). Principal Applicant. SSHRC Insight Development Grant. (2016-2019).


Articles de revue

  • Tanya Chichekian Lea Bragoli-Barzan. (2019). Perceptions of educational professionals regarding postsecondary native students’ educational experience. McGill Journal of Education, (Revision Requested).
  • Chichekian, T. , Hua, L., & Shore B. M. (2018). Chemistry professors’ perceptions of undergraduate learning. Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 9(1), 1-15. (Published).
  • Chichekian, T. & Shore, B. M. (2017). Hold firm: High ability learners value standing one’s ground in disagreements with a friend. Journal for the Education of the Gifted, 40(2), 152-167. (Published).
  • Chichekian, T, & Shore, B. M., Tabatabai, D. (2016). First-year teachers’ uphill struggle to implement inquiry instruction: Exploring the interplay among self-efficacy, conceptualizations, and classroom observations of inquiry enactment. Sage Open, 6(2), 1-19. (Published).
  • Chichekian, T. & Shore, B. M. (2016). Preservice and practicing teachers’ self-efficacy: A research synthesis. Cogent Education, 3(1), (Published).
  • Chichekian, T., & Shore, B. M. (2014). Concept maps provide a window onto preservice elementary teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge in the domain of mathematics. Canadian Journal of Education, 36(3), 23-46. (Submitted).

Chapitres de livre

  • Shore, B. M., Chichekian, T. , Gyles, P. D. T., & Walker, C. L. (2019). Friendships of gifted children and youth: Updated insights and understanding. B. Wallace, D. A. Sisk, & J. Senior SAGE handbook of gifted and talented education (1, 184-195). Sage. (Published).
  • Robert J. Vallerand Tanya Chichekian Virginie Paquette. (2019). Passion in education: Cross-cultural and applied perspectives. G.Arief D. Liem D. McInerney Research on sociocultural influences on motivation and learning (1-49). United States : Information Age Publishing. (Accepted).
  • Chichekian T. , & Vallerand, R. J. (2018). Positive psychology meets education in the context of passion for sports: Implications for sports-study programs. A. Brady & B. Grenville-Cleave Positive psychology in sport and physical activity (1-13). Routledge. (Published).
  • Chichekian, T. , & Shore, B. M. (2017). Challenges to conducting a longitudinal study with classroom observations of teachers’ first year of professional practice. B. Flett Sage research methods cases (2-17). Sage. (Published).
  • Chichekian, T. & Shore, B. M. (2014). The International Baccalaureate: Contributing to the use of inquiry in higher education teaching and learning. Patrick Blessinger, John M. Carfora Innovations in Higher EducationTeaching and Learning (1, 73-97). Emerald. (Published).
  • Chichekian, T. & Bruce M. Shore. (2013). Cognitive characteristics of the gifted: Reconceptualized in the context of inquiry learning and teaching. A. Plucker & C. M. Callahan Critical issues and practices in gifted education: What the research says (2nd, 117-129). Prufrock Press. (Published).
  • Chichekian, T., Hua, O., & Shore, B. M. (2013). Inquiring minds in undergraduate instruction: An expression of the teaching-research nexus. D. J. Salter Cases on quality teaching practices in higher education (146-180). IGI Global. (Published).


  • Denise Brend (Social Service) Tanya Chichekian (Academic Advising) Catherine Flemming (Nursing) Kaila Folinsbee (OID) Shirley Jorgensen (Institutional Research) Benjamin Seamone (Math) Richard Soare (Geography) Jonathon Sumner (Physics). (2015). Dawson College Strategic Research Plan. Dawson College. 8 p.

Ressources en ligne

  • Tanya Chichekian. (2019). Unrealistic striving for academic excellence has a cost. Site Web.
  • Lea Bragoli-Barzan Tanya Chichekian. (2019). Études post-secondaires: en faisons-nous assez pour les jeunes autochtones ?. Site Web.

Propriétés intellectuelles


  • Teaching License #BR257099 (Brevet d'enseignement). (1999). (Granted).

Autres contributions

Cours enseignés

  • Self-regulated learning Innovative curriculum planning Capstone project. (2016-06-01 à 2019-04-01). Niveau : Graduate. (3CR).
  • Uses of Research Findings in Education. (2013-01-08 à 2013-04-17). Niveau : Graduate.
  • MEd Special Activity. (2012-09-24 à 2013-04-16). Niveau : Graduate.
  • Teaching Elementary Mathematics. (2011-01-10 à 2011-04-25). Niveau : Undergraduate.
  • Appliquer des méthodes de pédagogies actives. EPU 971. Niveau : Graduate. (3CR).
  • Apprendre en enseignement supérieur. EPU974. Niveau : Graduate.
  • Innovative curriculum planning. PME 831. Niveau : Graduate.
  • Teaching in higher education. EFD 966. Niveau : Post Graduate.

Gestion d'évènements

  • Seminar Leader. (2009-2010). University planning: The first steps. (Seminar).
  • Animator. (2009). Open house. (Club).
  • Workshop Leader. (2009). Applying to American Universities How to Choose a Major in University Application Process for Canadian Universities. (Workshop).
  • Presenter. (2009). Orientation. (Seminar).
  • Montreal representative. (2009). APAPI (Association Professionnelle des Aides Pedagogiques Individuelles). (Association).
  • Presenter. Aplying for a job in academia. (Seminar).


  • Robert J. Vallerand. (2020). Autonomy supportive learning environments: A precursor for the development of passion in education. American Educational Research Association. San Francisco, United States.
  • Joel Trudeau. (2020). Innovative learning spaces: Taking active learning outside the classroom. American Educaitonal Research Association. San Francisco, United States.
  • Tanya Chichekian Catherine Maheux Gabriel Lemay Lapointe Karolane Beaulieu Lea Bragoli-Barzan. (2019). Le soutien des étudiants autochtones dans les programmes de médecine au Québec. ACFAS (AssoCiation FrAncophone pour le Savoir). Gatineau, Canada.
  • Lea-Bragoli Barzan Tanya Chichekian. (2019). Motivations des étudiants autochtones: Pourquoi étudier au niveau collégial?. CSSE. Vancouver, Canada.
  • Tanya Chichekian Robert J. Vallerand. (2019). Passion for Science and the Pursuit of a Scientific Domain. CSSE. Vancouver, Canada.
  • Tanya Chichekian Robert J. Vallerand. (2019). Passion for Science and the Pursuit of a Scientific Domain: The Mediating Role of Persistence and Activity Engagement. International Positive Psychology Association. Melbourne, Australia.
  • Tanya Chichekian Robert J. Vallerand. (2019). Symposium: Optimal learning in optimal contexts: The role of self-determination theory in education. International 7th SDT (Self-Determination Theory) conference. Netherlands, Netherlands.
  • Tanya Chichekian Robert J. Vallerand. (2018). Academic Persistence in Science Education From A Positive Psychology Perspective. American Educational Research Association. New York, United States.
  • Tanya Chichekian Verner-Filion, Jeremie Bragoli-Barzan, Lea Vallerand, Robert. J. (2018). New developments in passion in the domain of positive psychology. Symposium to be presented at the Canadian Positive Psychology Association. Toronto, Canada.
  • Tanya Chichekian. (2018). Passion and persistence: A winning combination. Flash talk presented at the 35th anniversary of the Research Laboratory on Social Behavior. Montreal, Canada.
  • Ratelle, Catherine Guay, Frederick. Denault, Anne-Sophie Litalien, David Tanya Chichekian. (2018). Symposium: The support of students’ psychological needs and their motivational outcomes: From elementary school to university. International Congress of Applied Psychology. Montreal, Canada.
  • Tanya Chichekian. (2017). At-risk students’ attributions for unsuccessful academic performance in postsecondary education calls for tailored support strategies. Annual conference of the Canadian Association for Educational Psychology (CAEP). Toronto, Canada.
  • Tanya Chichekian Bruce M. Shore Diana Tabatabai. (2017). First-year teachers differ in their enactment of inquiry instruction. Annual conference of the Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE). Toronto, Canada.
  • Tanya Chichekian Bruce M. Shore. (2017). Highly-ably learners value standing one´s ground during disagreements with a friend. Paper presented at the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA). Montreal, Canada.
  • Tanya Chichekian Robert J. Vallerand. (2017). Qu'est-ce qui mènent les étudiants à s'investir dans leur réussite scolaire?. Symposium presented at the Société Québécoise pour la Recherche en Psychologie (SQRP). Montreal, Canada.
  • Tanya Chichekian Caroline Bouchard France Dubé Pauline Sirois Vincent Richard Philippe Tremblay. (2016). Quatre ateliers en mode « aquarium » sur l'étude de la « participation » des agents de l'éducation à différents niveaux : que savons-nous? Comment procédons-nous?. Association Francophone Pour Le Savoir (ACFAS). Montreal, Canada.
  • Tanya Chichekian. (2016). Workshop: L’élaboration des stratégies de transfert de connaissances concernant la réussite scolaire dans une communauté de pratique. Congres 2016-Association Professionnelle des Aides Pédagogiques Individuelles. Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Canada.
  • Tanya Chichekian Bruce M. Shore Diana Tabatabai. (2015). Beginning Teachers’ Uphill Struggle To Implement Inquiry Instruction: Patterns Among Self-Efficacy, Conceptualizations, and Actual Enactment. American Educational Research Association. Chicago, United States.
  • Tanya Chichekian Bruce M. Shore. (2014). Senior Preservice Teachers’ Self-Efficacy for Planning, Enacting, and Reflecting on Inquiry Instruction. American Educational Research Association. Philadelphia, United States.

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