Postdoctoral Fellowship

The University intends to facilitate the integration and the value-added aspects of the postdoctoral Fellow into the university community:

  • by defining their status, their rights and their responsibilities;
  • by clearly setting out the role and responsibilities of the University, the faculties and the professors in the area of welcoming and supporting them in this regard; 
  • by encouraging their participation in university life.

A postdoctoral fellowship is defined as a limited period of training during which the person who has recently obtained a doctorate pursues, as part of a generally remunerated training period, the achievement of an autonomous research project under the supervision of a professor who is a specialist in that particular area of research. The work needed to complete a research project in the context of the postdoctoral fellowship is normally considered to be a full-time occupation.

The postdoctoral Fellow is admitted as a student at the University. To obtain the status of postdoctoral Fellow, a person must meet the following conditions:

  • be the holder, for less than five (5) years, of a Ph.D., a post-graduate doctorate or its equivalent, which notably includes all professional specialty diplomas in medicine; the period of eligibilitymay be extended to 10 years in the case where the person concerned has left the job market and stopped active research for a major reason (child birth, educating children, etc.);
  • provide confirmation that a Professor at the Université de Sherbrooke is willing to assume responsibility for the student and offer him or her a full-time fellowship to acquire more specialized or complementary research expertise;
  • supply proof, jointly with the professor who agrees to assume the supervisory responsibility; that he or she has enough financial resources to cover the entire period of the postdoctoral fellowship, which we assume to be the case when the conditions for financing and remuneration conform with the requirements of the Policy.


Policy for hosting and supporting a postdoctoral Fellow (Policy 2500-005)