Successful Partnerships

Research partnerships are rewarding opportunities for training and innovation. To maximize positive impacts and ensure that your partnership fully meets your expectations, we suggest that you approach your project keeping the following in mind:

Tip #1

Communication is key

  • The initial partnership meeting is crucial to get off to a good start.
  • Its purpose is to clearly establish the foundation of the relationship, to agree on specific roles, and to define final research objectives.
  • We strongly recommend that partnership meetings be scheduled from time to time to keep in touch throughout the project.
  • Follow-up meetings keep stakeholders up to date on the evolution of the research. They are an opportunity to deal with any issues that may arise.

Tip #2

Information sharing

  • It is important for partners to share information.
  • Each partner should feel they are involved and informed of research progress.
  • Finding a strategy to relate information that is suitable to all parties contributes to the success of any partnership.
  • The Business Partnership Group is available to help you identify how to achieve the best communications strategy for your partnership.

Tip #3

Meeting Commitments

  • Keeping commitments established at the initial meeting is very important to maintain a positive relationship between partners. 
  • The standards agreed upon at the beginning of the collaboration form the foundation of a good relationship.
  • Partners must be contacted if a major change is inevitable.
  • Open and honest discussion can prevent misunderstandings and improve the partner relationship.