Service Offering to Researchers

The Business Partnership Group offers researchers various support services to help identify prospective partners and manage partnership relations.


We help new professors at the Université de Sherbrooke establish visibility in their area of expertise with potential partners.

This means that we will help you navigate new business environments by providing you with the resources and opportunities available at the university.

Orientation details to follow in summer 2017.


Support services during the development of your business partnerships may take many forms. Ultimately, we want to provide assistance from the project’s outset to its conclusion.

Examples of how we can help you find partners include:

  • Soliciting new partners.
  • Contacting and following up with previously contacted partners.
  • Pre-qualifying potential partners (vetting their interest and financial resources).
  • Following up with business partners about sector-specific opportunities that could lead to new investments in other research projects.


We offer training in the form of web videos covering several subject areas with reference to the business world as well as the academic environment (e.g., financing, university services, negotiating).

Dates and details to follow in summer 2017.

During the Partnership

Pre-qualification of potential partners

Pre-qualification entails verification of a potential partner’s interest in and financial resources before entering into a partnership with the Université de Sherbrooke.

Project definition

We will help you establish a clear research framework by organizing a meeting with your partner where you will discuss your respective expectations and specific objectives for the project. At this meeting it is important to agree upon the involvement of each stakeholder during the course of the research. 

Guidance through the administrative process

Our team will guide you through the different administrative steps necessary to implement your project.

Support to conclude the agreement

We also monitor the implementation of the agreement with SARIC (Research, Innovation and Creation Support Services).

Follow-up during the research process

During the course of a collaborative research with a partner, we provide support and follow-up at each stage to ensure adherence to timelines and deliverables.

Communications between partners

To facilitate the successful completion of the research, we offer to monitor communications between you and your business partner in order to promote a strong partnership and optimal understanding between the stakeholders.


We need your feedback at a project’s completion to help us improve the partnership process and ensure a rewarding and positive experience for everyone involved.

Maintain a business relationship

Once a project is complete, we maintain contact with partners in order to offer new possibilities for partnerships and to keep them apprised of new expertise and technologies available at the Université de Sherbrooke. 

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