Pavilion of Applied Research on Cancer (PRAC)

Cancer remains the leading cause of death in Quebec. Every 11 minutes, a Quebecer was diagnosed with cancer and one dies every 26 minutes. Research is the only avenue that can actually be a source of hope. The importance of developing new strategies to fight against this disease is a major challenge for society and what the new pavilion dedicated to applied research on cancer at Université de Sherbrooke.

Image: Robert Dumont

Specialized in  functional genomics, RNomics, proteomics as well as oncology and molecular cell biology, teams now have high performance facilities for pushing the frontiers of knowledge about cancer.

The pavilion is a technological jewel. In the long term, it is expected that the benefits of multidisciplinary research at PRAC will help reduce the burden of health care on many levels, including a more efficient and reliable early detection and the development of new treatment strategies for cancer.

Minister Steven Blaney, M. Serge Cardin, Professeor Luce Samoisette, Professor Jacques Beauvais, Professor Pierre Cossette, Minister Pierre Duchesne and Minister Réjean Hébert at the official inauguration of the PRAC April 29, 2013 - Image: Robert Dumont

To develop the new building, the Université de Sherbrooke had acquired the former Centre de développement des biotechnologies de Sherbrooke (CDBS), located on the Health Campus. The Université expanded and built the vast majority of existing spaces of the building. The PRAC currently has research teams previously located at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, at the University Hospital of Sherbrooke, Clinical Research Centre Étienne-Le Bel (CRC) and former PRAC.

PRAC gathers thirty multidisciplinary research teams. It provides highly specialized researchers in functional genomics equipment in RNomics, proteomics as well as oncology and molecular cell biology of cancer.