Materials Characterization Centre

Université de Sherbrooke has consolidated its facilities and infrastructure on materials characterization in three laboratories to meet the needs of research staff. Three laboratories constitue the Centre characterization of materials (CCM). The Centre supports research activities and offer its services to customers.

Image: Université de Sherbrooke

The CCM provides not only its characterization techniques available to researchers, scientists and university students, but also for businesses, industries and public sector organizations.

CCM enables partners and customers to access ultraspecialized techniques and benefit from the support of a multidisciplinary team of specialists in various fields of molecular characterization, from microscopic and macroscopic points of view.


The CCM is divided into three laboratories:

  • LCG: Characterization Laboratory at the Faculty of Engineering
  • LCS : Characterization Laboratory at the Faculty of Science
  • LCM : Characterization Laboratory at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences


Some of the available techniques:

  • Microscopy
  • Surfaces and thin films
  • Structure Analysis
  • Chemical analysis
  • Physical Properties
  • Sample Preparation
  • Other analytical technique