Centre for Scientific Computing

The Centre for Scientific Computing, a division of the Information Technologies Services at Université de Sherbrooke, manages a supercomputer among the most powerful and the most eco-friendly in Canada and installed at the Marie-Victorin Pavilion on Main Campus. Named Mammoth, this supercomputer is divided into two sections, one dedicated to parallel computing (Mammoth - parallel or Mp), the other tp sequential calculation of mass (Mammoth - series or Ms). These two sections allow Mammoth to perform complex mathematical operations in a fraction of the time required for regular computers and calculators. This feature can be very useful for researchers, scientists and their teams.

The Mammoth supercomputer - Image: Alain Veilleux

The Centre also hosts scientific computing in its air-conditioned rooms capacity and computer equipment for  researchers who have made ​​an agreement for this purpose.

For more information on the services offered , please contact the team at the Centre for Scientific Computing using the contact details found in the area of ITS staff or on the website of the Quebec Network for High Performance Computing.