Program Structure

The DE program consists of three blocks of courses worth 30 credits, 16 of which are elective.

Even though there are no prerequisites, PERFORMA proposes a pathway that allows for a progressive acquisition of competencies.

In general, the Foundations Block courses, offered at the beginning of the pathway, and the Integration seminar, scheduled at the end, represent two major focal points.

Foundations in College Teaching

The courses in the Foundations Block allow for the study of college teaching frameworks based on specific conceptual foundations.

Deepening or Specialisation

Based on an analysis of local and network needs, this block’s optional courses contribute to

  • Individual professional development;
  • Program revision or development;
  • Institutional pedagogical development.


This course comes at the end of the DE and affords students with an opportunity to reflect on their practice and formalise and document their professional development in relation to the program’s exit profile.