MIcroprogramme de 2e cycle en conseil pédagogique au collégial (MCPC)

This program is offered in French only.

This PERFORMA microprogram provides anyone who offers instructional coaching in a member-college’s regular or continuing education sector with professional development. The goal is ensure that pedagogical personnel fully and competently perform the traditional roles of instructional coach and teaching expert to the benefit of teachers, managers, professionals and enterprises.

The program allows for the development of the following competencies:

  • To support and supervise teams involved in program management: Participants will practise using a collaborative approach to team support. They will adapt their interventions to different situations, basing themselves on college level pedagogical frameworks. They will draw on local and network resources. They will practise using a continuous reflective process.

  • To conduct a pedagogical coaching session with a teacher: Participants will practise carrying out a pedagogical coaching session while developing an ability to establish a helping relationship, rigor, follow-up consistency and a reliance on ethical principles. They will practise using a continuous reflective process.

At the end of the program, participants will have put their skills into practice in a professional situation of their choosing. They will have adapted their coaching based on knowledge acquired in a new situation. They will be able to analyse their professional conduct through rigorous reflection on their professional practice.

For more information, please consult the program’s fact sheet.