Typological Fields

Training falls within the following 11 fields of study:

  • Classroom Management, which deals with the initiation to and further study of management topics related to teacher responsibilities. 
  • Pedagogical Computer Applications, which allows for an initiation to and further exploration of computers and software used in teaching, classroom management or learning.
  • Learning and Teaching, which deals with general learning and teaching theories and applications and allows for an initiation to and further study of them.
  • Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK), which introduces participants to or allows them to further explore various methods, strategies, techniques or tools used in the teaching of a discipline or group of disciplines.
  • Teaching, which allows participants to discover or further explore various methods, strategies and techniques aimed at the acquisition of knowledge, attitudes and competencies.
  • Measurement and Evaluation, which provides participants with the opportunity to learn and further investigate the foundations, strategies and techniques of the measurement and evaluation of teaching and learning.
  • Classroom Planning, which involves an initiation to or further study of useful models, strategies and techniques for the establishment of teaching or learning objectives and choice or development of teaching or evaluation of teaching activities.
  • Psycho-Socio-Philosophical Context, which offers an initiation to or in-depth study of the philosophical, psychological and social dimensions of education.
  • Human Relations, which offers an initiation to or in-depth examination of ways of being more effective in the classroom from a human relations standpoint.
  • Study and Leaning Strategies, which is aimed at initiating teachers to or allowing them to delve further into methods, strategies, techniques and tools for raising student work quality.
  • Audio-Scripto-Visual Technology, which is concerned with the introduction to and further study of different communications tools used in teaching.