Baccalaureate in College Level Technical Teaching (BEP)


This program is offered in French only.

The Baccalaureate in College Level Technical Teaching is aimed at allowing teachers in PERFORMA network member-colleges to:

  • acquire additional knowledge in their respective discipline or field of teaching;
  • acquire training in educational psychology and pedagogical content knowledge, thereby becoming more effective communicators;
  • familiarise themselves with new teaching methods that encourage the use of innovative pedagogical approaches;
  • develop the competencies required to solve problems encountered in their professional practice;
  • take control of their own learning in order to constantly up-date their knowledge of the trends in their discipline or field of teaching.

This baccalaureate level program consists of three blocks:

  • Block 1: Educational Psychology (30 credits); it includes the courses of the Certificate in College Teaching (CPEC).
  • Block 2: Professional Development (45 to 51 credits); it includes a required course on the identification of professional development needs (3 credits) and electives (42 to 48 credits) chosen among courses related to the individual’s field of teaching.
  • Block 3: Complementary Training (9 to 15 credits); it includes courses meant to expand the individual’s personal culture.

For more information, please consult the program’s fact sheet (in French).