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Wilma Brown


Master of Education (M.Ed.)

Wilma Brown has worked in the English Cegep system since 1979 and has a keen interest in lifelong learning and an appreciation for the wide range and needs of adult learners.

Her focus on education and pedagogy led her to complete a Certificate in Adult Education at Concordia University and a Master of Education at McGill University. Wilma has taught in the Université de Sherbrooke Performa Master Teacher Program since 2005.

In 2018 Wilma received the Université de Sherbrooke Teaching Excellence Award from Performa, the Prix d’excellence en education, 2018.

Wilma fully supports the Master Teacher Program (MTP) and has witnessed the positive changes Cegep teachers experience even after taking one or a few MTP courses.

Of course, completing the MTP Certificate, Diploma, or the Master of Education has often helped teachers develop even bigger and long-lasting career and leadership transformations!