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Training and supporting the next generation of quantum scientists

Why start a quantum business in Sherbrooke? Discover the creative drive of  young entrepreneurial graduate, the support they received that helped them succeed, and the various possible outcomes of their technology. 

SBQuantum: Magnetometers to Improve Navigation Systems

Co-founder of SBQuantum, David Roy-Guay wishes to contribute to maximizing Quebec's impact in the development of quantum technologies. In the video, he presents the possible applications of the technology used by SBQuantum: diamond-based magnetometers. These smart compasses could help people find their way around, whether in a snowstorm, sandstorm, underwater or on land!

Nord Quantique: A Processor for the Quantum Computer

According to Julien Camirand Lemyre, co-founder of Nord Quantique, the quantum computer could contribute to a better understanding of major societal issues, such as climate change. This promising start-up is making all the components of a processor for the quantum computer. To develop these quantum technologies, Julien Camirand Lemyre benefits from the ecosystem of the Integrated Innovation Chain. 

Qubic: Signal for Better Detection

The start-up Qubic, founded by Jérôme Bourassa, is developing electronics based on superconducting circuits that can generate and detect signals without noise. They can be used to increase the safety of air transport or to verify the effects of climate change. Jérôme is delighted to receive support to make his dream come true and thus take part in the quantum adventure.