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Your benefits as a partner

  • Build a research team dedicated to your project. Our university research resources hold knowledge and a new insight that will contribute to the evolution of your organization.
  • Access to specialized installations and equipment to take your project to the next level. 
  • Associate your project with a well-known organization that has access to a global knowledge network.
  • Benefit from the best talent for your organization, at a low cost. 
  • Find your future workforce. Through the specific skills they acquire, the students involved in your project will become highly qualified resources for you that could become your future employees. 
  • Take advantage of funding sources and fiscal advantages to develop innovative projects for your organization.

Are you an Eastern Township's partner?

Great news! We have an innovation intervention team that provides special support for partnership research projects carried out in the Eastern Townships. 

This support is funded by the Eastern Townships component of the Fonds d'appui pour le rayonnement des régions (FARR). 

This team plays a key role in the start-up of partnership research projects. Thanks to its knowledge of the institutions that oversee university research, it can direct you to the right resources for submitting grant applications or interacting with various university departments.