Merck-FMSS Event Schedule

Friday, May 11th, 2018

Room : Z5-3001

Version française

8h15Opening remarks - Pr Jean-Pierre Perreault and Pr Dominique Dorion
8h30Merck Presentation - Christopher Tan, Director, Business Development & Licensing, Search & Evaluation, Infectious Diseases, Merck
9h15Oral Presentations (Merck representatives and principal investigators)
  • 9h15 : Pr Mannix Auger-Messier : Apelinergic system as a promising target for myocardial dysfunction and shock
  • 9h35 : Pr André Carpentier : Pharmacological activation of brown adipose tissue metabolism
  • 9h55 : Pr Louis Valiquette : Real-time surveillance and optimization of prescription in intensive care hospitalized patients (Project SORT-SI)
  • 10h15 : Pr François Michel Boisvert : Discovery of prognostic biomarkers for personalized treatment of patients with rectal cancer
  • 10h35 : Break
  • 10h45 : Pr Benoit Chabot : Targeting GPCRs and extracellular proteases for the treatment of colorectal cancer
  • 11h05 : Pr Eric Marsault : Toward superior antibodies for difficult to target membrane proteins
  • 11h25 : Pr Eric Massé : Integrating large scale microbiome signatures to predict cancer
  • 11h45 : Pr Xavier Roucou, presented by Hugo Gagnon : The alternative proteome: a new paradigm in translational research and personalized medicine
  • 12h05 : Pre Claire Dubois presented by Martine Charbonneau : The Sherbrooke Personalized Cancer Avatar Models Initiative
  • 12h25 : Pr Philippe Sarret and Pr Pierre Lavigne: New strategy for the delivery of RNAi targeting CCR” receptor for treating bone metastasis & Preclinical evaluation of Mad1 b-HLH-LZ analogs as potential anti-cancer drug
13h30Poster Session — Room : Professors' lounge

(Competition and Evaluation 13h30-15h)

  • Pre Anne-Marie Côté, presented by Jany Rodrigue : La podocyturie est un nouveau marqueur très précoce de néphropathie diabétique
  • Pr Jean-François Éthier, presented by Benoit Cossette : Reduction in targeted potentially inappropriate medication use in elderly inpatients: a pragmatic randomized controlled trial
  • Pre Rona Graham, presented by Majed Alotaibi : The role of olfactory dysfunction in the cognitive decline observed in the aging population
  • Pre Nathalie Rivard, presented by Jessica Gagné-Sansfaçon : SHP-2 phosphatase: a new biomarker or therapeutic target for inflammatory bowel diseases?
  • Pr Martin Bisaillon, presented by Simon Boudreault : Modifications des événements d'épissage alternatif dans les cancers induits par les virus: un nouveau paradigme pour la recherche translationnelle et la médecine personnalisée.
  • Pr Louis Gendron : Mu and delta opioid receptor heterodimers: a target to circumvent opioid tolerance
  • Pr Simon Labbé, presented by Thierry Mourer : Approche translationnelle pour la détection et le traitement des candidoses systémiques
  • Pr Michel Pavic, presented by René Maréchal : Effect of combined aerobic and resistance training in oncogeriatric population
  • Pre Brigitte Guérin, presented by Gabriel Charest : Fighting hypoxia for personalized brain cancer therapy.
  • Pr Jeffrey Leyton, presented by Simon Beaudoin : Optimizing antibody-drug conjugate therapy by enhancing cellular accumulation – Formulation development
  • Pr Alain Frigon, presented by Jonathan Harnie : Reactivation of spinal locomotor circuits by non-task-specific training after a complete spinal cord injury
  • Pr Claudio Jeldres, presented by Sabrina Bouchard : Transcriptome-wide analysis of alternative splicing events in bladder cancer: Novel biomarkers discovery for early diagnosis
  • Pr François Lamontagne, presented by Marie-Hélène Masse : Effects of catecholamine therapy on the immune system: unsuspected consequences of routine medical interventions and opportunities for individualized care.
  • Pr Maxime Richer, presented by Andréa Allaire : Identification of a gene expression signature for IDH-wt glioma patients with a better prognosis
  • Pre Lee-Hwa Tai, presented by Seyedeh Niavarani : Adjuvant immunogenic cancer vaccine to treat triple negative breast cancer