Partner Our Event!

Our 2020 Business Administration Career Fair is an excellent opportunity to introduce your organization to students and graduates from our Bachelor, Master’s and Doctorate programs in Business Administration. This event will help create links between employers and future employees while allowing them to discuss their respective needs.

To help promote your organization, the organizing committee invites you to become one of our Career Fair Partners. This event attracts more than 300 students year in year out. It is an excellent showcase for organizations who want to present their career opportunities to students and future graduates.

Be our main sponsor ($3750)

For maximum visibility sign up as the main sponsor and honorary president of the 2020 Business Administration Career Fair. This includes:

  • Your business name and logo in front on our website, on posters (distributed on Sherbrooke Campus), on social media (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) and all other promotional document;
  • Full Page in the mobile app to present your honorary chairperson and your organization;
  • Possibility to do the opening conference (must be related to the career);
  • Double stand at the entrance;
  • Video posted (sponsorized) on our social media"How to impress us ? ", shooting included, duration 45 seconds
  • Eco-friendly bags with the image of your organization given to visitors at the entrance. These bags must be provided by the sponsor (optional).

    To know more about the cost of this sponsorship package and its privileges write us at or call at 819 821-8000 ext. 63296.