Fee and Technical Information

Registration fee: $700 taxes included

Important:The fee must be paid in full before April 24, 2020. If we have not received your payment by this deadline, we reserve the right to assign your space to another exhibitor.

Your fee covers:

  • Booth rental

10' by 8' booth area

Note : The Career Fair floor plan and your booth location will be determined by the organizing committee.

Booth set up is upon your arrival, on Wednesday May 13, 2020. You must bring your display unit and all necessary materials and take everything with you when you leave. Each company is responsible for setting up their exhibit.

  • Equipment

    • One draped table with two chairs
    • Attention: There will be no separating walls or partitions. Please limit your installation to the allotted space of 10’ x 8’.

  • Privileges

    • Company profile in the Career Fair App

    IMPORTANT: to be in the app you must register and send your technical form before April 10, 2020

    • Coffee and bottled water available on site
    • 2 lunch boxes per registered organization
    • 2 reserved parking spaces (Due to limited parking availability, no additional vehicules can be allowed. If necessary, please use the paying parking lot of the university).

  • Wireless Internet Connection Available with ZAP

    • Hard-wired internet access is  not available.

  • Electrical Supply

One connection per company so it is important you bring an adaptor bar with an extension cord.

Cancellation Policy

In case of cancellation, please advise us before April 13, 2020 to receive a full refund. No refunds will be considered after that date.

Important: Please send us your cancellation notice by email before the deadline. We will send you a written confirmation that you must keep as official proof of the cancellation. There will be no reimbursement without this written confirmation.

No sale of products or solicitation will be authorized.