13 June 2022

Institut Quantique welcomes CEGEP teachers

Photo : IQ

A few days after its inauguration, Institut Quantique (IQ) opened its doors to some thirty teachers from various CEGEPs. The main objective of this customized visit was to demystify the potential of quantum sciences and to allow a pedagogical opening on this field to the curious faculty members.  

Beginning with a guided tour of the new IQ building by Ghislain Lefebvre, the teaching staff were able to observe the various research and innovation possibilities offered by the laboratories.   

“The objective is to showcase the various applied research projects being carried out by more than 200 students working and studying at IQ,” said Ghislain Lefebvre, Partnership Development Manager at IQ.  

Among the places not to be missed; The Quantum FabLab, a research facility in quantum engineering and physics and IBM Quantum, a global network of companies, academic institutions, start-ups and research labs working to advance quantum computing.   

“This guided tour made us realize that quantum computing may not be so far from our daily lives,” said Mr. Richard, a teacher at the Cégep de Sherbrooke.   

The tour was followed by a workshop on quantum computing given by Sarah Blanchette. The topics presented were the basic notions surrounding this research sector: quantum algorithms, the architecture of qubits and the possible career opportunities in this field. Demystifying and explaining the present contributions of quantum computing was part of this workshop.   

“I knew almost nothing about quantum science. I learned, among other things, how quantum properties are used in sensors and the basis of quantum programming,” said Ms. Pinsonneault, a teacher at Limoilou CEGEP.  

Finally, the day ended with a second workshop on quantum cryptography presented by Jean Frédéric Laprade. As for the previous workshop, the objective was to introduce the subject by presenting the various notions of the field: symmetric and asymmetric key encryption protocols, quantum key and encryption and the Shor algorithm. Making the advances and research in this area accessible was a must.   

The Quantum Cryptography workshop demonstrates that you can have a lot of fun doing quantum physics. More seriously, this workshop helped me to better understand the principles and interests of quantum cryptography,” said Ms. Pinsonneault. 

The Quantum Institute invites you to listen to “Quantum Enigmas” for more information on the popularization of quantum sciences

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