Postdoctorate position – Project SuperFlipChip


The growing complexity of quantum information experiments brings about microfabrication problems in terms of uniformity, reproducibility and yield. These challenges come for example from the large size difference between qubits and resonators. The use of purified (28Si, 12C) or self-assembled (quantum dots, NV centers, dopants) materials for which availability and uniformity is limited also reduces fabrication yield. Assembling “know-good-dies” is commonly used in conventional microsystems to overcome yield issues. For example, fabricating resonators in a suitable technology (potentially industrial) and assembling onto it qubits (transmons, spin, dopants) should allow the increase of microsystem yield if not performances.

This project will develop 3D assembly techniques for quantum microsystems that will provide A) a large density of interconnects for CMOS-qubit microsystems and B) superconducting interconnects. I will make use of industrial techniques that will be adapted for cryogenic use and will develop suitable technique to fabrication these interconnects on small area dies.

Principal Investigator: Serge Charlebois

Collaborators : Michel Pioro-Ladrière, Jean-François Pratte

Start date : 2018

Contact: Serge Charlebois


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