Master Project – WiSPr : Wideband Spin Probe

Project Title : WiSPr : Wideband Spin Probe

Project Summary

Project WiSPr (Wideband Spin Probe) is based on a recent invention of an ESR technique where spins are longitudinally coupled to a superconducting resonator. Contrary to standard ESR techniques, longitudinal ESR allows for spin detection on a wide band of frequencies and is sensitive to material surface spin states. This new sensing method is particularly suited for studying novel quantum materials such as Weyl semi-metals, topological insulators, as well as quantum defects for quantum sensors.

In this project, we will model the system and optimize its parameters to improve its sensitivity, develop NbN superconducting resonators operating at 4K and build an encapsulated probe compatible with cryogenic material characterization equipment (PPMS). The project’s ultimate goal is to make this innovative sensing technique accessible to material science laboratories around the world in order to accelerate the discovery of new quantum materials.


Start Date: Fall 2018

PIs: David Roy-Guay, Jérôme Bourassa, Max Hofheinz, Jeffrey Quilliam, Denis Morris

Internal Collaborators : Éva Dupont-Ferrier

External Collaborators : Dany Lachance-Quirion (Université de Tokyo)

Contact: David Roy-Guay

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