Quantum Computing Software Developer (2 job openings)

General Information

Under the direct supervision of the Institut quantique’s Executive Director, the research professional will be responsible for bridging the gap between IQ and the IBM Q Hub members. The person will work directly with industrial and academic partners to advance innovative research projects. The IQ is looking for a person with experience in quantum computing or high-performance computing who is interested in tackling the challenge of including quantum computing in a research environment at the intersection of academia and private enterprise.

Summary of the project

The Université de Sherbrooke’s IQ has launched an ambitious, forward-thinking project for one of the great industrial revolutions of the 21st century: From quantum sciences to quantum technologies. Our mission is to continue to consolidate IQ’s position as a key player in the quantum revolution and a world leader in interdisciplinary research as well as training in quantum materials, quantum information and quantum engineering.

To propel this initiative, the Université de Sherbrooke, supported by government partners, is investing more than $50M notably through the creation and construction of a new building for the Institut quantique. As part of this strategy, IQ wants to expand its expertise in quantum algorithms for the launch of its IBM Q Hub – the first in Canada. IBM Q Hubs are regional centers for quantum computing research, development and implementation that provide members with cloud-based access to IBM’s exclusive quantum computing capability.

To do so, we are looking for a passionate software developer to join our IQ team and collaborate with our partners in the development of quantum computing.

General Responsibilities

The successful candidate will oversee the development of classical and quantum algorithms that can be processed by the IBM Q computing platform, as well as the application of these algorithms to help IBM Q Hub member solve specific research problems. The individual will have to demonstrate the ability to connect scientific solutions with academic and industrial challenges in various fields: physics, machine learning, chemistry, finance, etc. She/he must therefore be able to create good working relationships with researchers from different technical fields, as well as with scientists and managers from industrial sectors.

Specific Responsibilities

  1. Participate in the conceptualization and implementation of research projects using IBM’s quantum computing capability.
  2. Write documentation and train new users on a quantum computing platform.
  3. Participate in IQ’s community and outreach efforts including for various presentations, scientific and outreach events, networking within the quantum community and the IBM Q Network.
  4. Participate in the grant writing process for IBM Q Hub projects when required.
  5. Perform any other tasks within her/his area of expertise as assigned by the immediate supervisor.

Qualifications Required

Hold a master’s degree in physics or computer science or any other relevant field with a solid background in quantum and/or high-performance computing.


  • Have demonstrated experience with high performance computing platforms.
  • Experience in implementing algorithms to solve complex problems.
  • Knowledge of classical and quantum programming languages is an asset (Qiskit, Python, Forest, Q#, OpenQuasm, etc.).
  • Experience interacting with various members of a research group and an ability to communicate with specialists and non-specialists.
  • Demonstrate rigor, autonomy, dynamism, curiosity and good organizational skills.
  • Have very good knowledge of spoken and written English and French.
  • Have the ability to write clear, structured and concise documents.
  • Demonstrate leadership in project management and supervision of students and interns.
  • Be willing to work flexible hours during peak periods.
  • Willingness and ability to travel occasionally (a few days a year).

Working Conditions

Based on the collective union agreement between the Université de Sherbrooke and the Association du personnel administratif et professionnel de l’Université de Sherbrooke (APAPUS), Unit “B” (Research Personnel).

Temporary full-time employment, 35 hours per week.

Duration of employment: 2-year contract employment, with the possibility of extension.

Expected start date: as soon as possible.


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