The Institut quantique organizes thematic workshops on hot topics in quantum science and technology.

Upcoming events

New trends in quantum error correction

A workshop titled New trends in quantum error correction will be held in Sherbrooke from April 3rd to 20th 2018. This workshop will bring together international experts and IQ researchers interested in problems in the area of quantum error correction. Contact David Poulin if you are interested in taking part in that workshop.

In parallel to this workshop, a series of pedagogical lectures will be presented on advanced topics in theoretical quantum information. The partial list of speakers and topics is:

  • Michael Beverland (Microsoft) — Quantum color codes
  • Benjamin Brown (Sydney) — Self-correcting quantum memories
  • Guillaume Dauphinais (Madrid) — Decoding topological codes
  • Steve Flammia (Sydney) — Statistical physics of quantum error correction
  • Tomas Jochym-O’Connor (Caltech) — Sparse quantum codes
  • Aleksander Kubica (Perimeter Institute) — Stability of topological order
  • Fernando Pastawski (Berlin)— Holographic quantum codes
  • Theodore Yoder (IBM) — Approximate quantum error correction

These lectures will take be scheduled between April 3rd and 20th at the rate of 2 hours a day, and are part of the class PHY 732. All IQ membres are welcome to attend these lectures, regardless of signing up to PHY 732. Simply inform David Poulin of your interest in order to plan a suitable classroom. If you are not familiar with quantum error correction, you can consider attending PHY 732 prior to the workshop; this class will begin on February 14th.

Past events

Solving the Enigma of the Superconducting Cuprates Workshop – May 24-28,2017

This 3-day workshop brings together 35 of the world’s top specialists in the field of superconducting cuprates. The aim is to unravel the mystery of these materials, or to elucidate the basic mechanisms responsible for high temperature superconductivity and the enigmatic “pseudogap” phase.

Organizers: Louis Taillefer and André-Marie Tremblay


Quantum Cavities Workshop – June 12-15,2017

This workshop is a biannual event that brings together a community of researchers with extremely diverse interests in the field of quantum cavity electrodynamics. The subjects covered include the traditional physics of condensed matter as well as quantum optics, but also the disciplines of engineering, control theory, etc.

Organizers: Alexandre Blais, Aashish Clerk and David DiVincenzo

Outreach Workshop – Quantum Information Science for College Teachers (June 2016)

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