Séminaire du RQMP

Date : 30 September 2021 10:30

Type : Institut Quantique

Location :

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Superconductivity in ultra-quantum matter: Part I

André-Marie Tremblay,

Département de physique, Institut quantique, et RQMP

Sherbrooke, Québec J1K 2R1


Jeudi, 30 septembre, 2021


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Abstract: Copper-based superconductors have a single band near the Fermi surface, net spin 1/2 in the unit cell and effective interactions that are as large as kinetic energy. All of this makes quantum fluctuations very important. Their phase diagram is thus a challenge for the usual tools of solid state physics.

I will show how a perspective that takes into account both the localized and delocalized aspects of conduction electrons can explain, at least qualitatively, most experiments. More specifically, I will show that the work of several groups using cluster extensions of dynamical mean-field theory sheds light on phenomena characteristic of this class of systems: the pseudogap, the quantum-critical phenomena and d-wave superconductivity.

In another talk,Part II, I will argue that we know what leads to the largest transition temperature.


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