Séminaire de l'IQ - Seher Karakuzu

Date : 18 January 2021 13:30

Type : Institut Quantique

Location :

Seher Karakuzu Oak Ridge National Laboratory Invitée de : André-Marie Tremblay Titre : High temperature superconductivity via exact quantum Monte Carlo simulations Résumé : Understanding the pairing mechanism responsible for high-temperature superconductivity is one of the pri- mary goals of the condensed matter physics community. The Hubbard model provides a simple testbed, in which one can study unconventional pairing in multi-band systems. Here we discuss dynamic cluster approxi- mation (DCA) Quantum Monte Carlo (QMC) calculations of the single band and two band Hubbard models to investigate the physics of the cuprate and iron based superconductors. We study the single band Hubbard model to reveal the competing orders in the overdoped cuprates. In particular, we describe the pairing correlations and the dynamical spin fluctuations as the end of the superconducting dome is approached. In addition, we focus on the bulk and monolayer iron-selenide (FeSe) superconductors by tuning the parameters of the two-orbital Hub- bard model to describe these materials. Specifically, we calculate the dynamic spin and charge susceptibilities and compare the DCA results with the resonant inelastic x-ray spectroscopy (RIXS) data for these compounds.

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