InfoQ - Iñigo Egusquiza

Date : 12 October 2021 11:00

Type : Institut Quantique

Location :

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Iñigo Egusquiza
University of the Basque Country
Invité par Alexandre Blais

The 0 − π qubit is not normal 

The 0 − π circuit is a proposal for the creation of useful protected qubits. Here, drawing on the concept of anomalous symmetry, we show that there is a regime of operation in which the ground state and, in fact, all levels, are degenerate. This property, because it is anomalous, is independent of all energy parameters of the model. I will first discuss the need for quasi- degeneracy of ground state for qubits and the physical idea behind the 0 − π qubit. Next I will introduce the anomalous symmetry for particles in a ring threaded by a magnetic flux, and will extend the result to the 0 − π qubit.

This talk is based on the recent ArXiv submission abs/2109.11824

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