Colloque IQ: Alex Sushkov

Date : 29 August 2018

Type : Séminaires

Location : D7-2023

Alex Sushkov
Boston University

Talk title:
Measurements of ultra-slow spin dynamics in 2D dipolar spin ensembles

We observe remarkably slow local spin dynamics in a two-dimensional disordered many-body dipolar spin system, formed by naturally-occurring electronic spins on the surface of a diamond crystal.
Shallow NV centers are used to access individual spins, or small spin sub-ensembles.
Effective disorder and spin-spin interactions can be controlled by driving the spin system.
Local spin diffusion is suppressed by up to a factor of 100, compared to the timescale given by the spin-spin interactions. This slow-down of spin relaxation can dramatically improve the sensitivity of nanoscale-resolution quantum sensing.

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