Our team build bridges between quantum science and tomorrow's technologies. This summer, take a bite of the IQ expertise! 

The registration period is extended. Approximately 10 places are still available! 

May 14-20
International Summer School on Quantum Materials 

Quantum materials exhibit remarkable properties that have the potential to revolutionize electronic technologies. These include high-temperature superconductivity, topologically-protected excitations and spin-liquid states.
Organizer: Louis Taillefer 

May 24-28
Cracking the enigma of cuprate superconductors Workshop 

The three-day workshop will bring together 35 of the leading experts in the field of superconducting cuprates worldwide. The aim will be to solve the riddle of these materials or elucidate the basic mechanisms responsible for high-temperature superconductivity and the mysterious pseudogap phase.
Organizers: Louis Taillefer and André-Marie Tremblay

May 28-June 9
16th Canadian Summer School on Quantum Information and 12th Student conference 

The Canadian Summer School on Quantum Information (CSSQI) is an annual meeting that serves the Canadian and international quantum information science community and has become a central component of Canada's world-leading role in quantum information research and training. This meeting is followed by a student-organized quantum information conference. The last time it was organized by Sherbrooke, it attracted more than 90 students from more than 10 countries.
Organizers: David Poulin, Michel Pioro-Ladrière and Alexandre Blais
Prerequisite : This year's edition will cover advanced topics in the field of quantum information science. Therefore, a background knowledge of basic concepts (qubits, quantum circuits, basic quantum communication protocols and algorithms) will be required. 

June 12-15
Quantum Cavities Workshop

The Quantum cavities workshop is a biannual event to get together the extremely diverse community in the cavity quantum electrodynamics field touching on traditional condensed matter physics and quantum optics, but also overlaps with engineering disciplines, control theory, etc.
Organizers: Alexandre Blais, Aashish Clerk and David DiVincenzo

June 11-23
L'école de pointe aux frontières de la physique mésoscopique

The École de pointe is a biannual summer school with around ten internationally renowned researchers to teach the latest developments in mesoscopic physics. Last time, more than 25 participants from Canada and France participated with financial support from Université de Sherbrooke, CNRS, Excellence Chair in Canadian Research and INTRIQ.
Organizers: Bertrand Reulet, Marco Aprili and Julien Gabelli