Pharmacology Institute of Sherbrooke

IPS members

Prof. Guillaume Bélanger

Department of Chemistry

Organic chemistry. Synthesis of alkaloids, cascade of cyclizations.

Prof. M’Hamed Bentourkia

Department of Nuclear Medicine and Radiobiology

Medical imaging and radiation effects.

Prof. Guylain Boulay

Department of Pharmacology-Physiology

Intracellular trafficking, activation, and regulation of TRPC ion channels.

Prof. André Cantin

Department of Medicine

Studies of lung defects in people with cystic fibrosis to develop new therapeutic strategies.

Prof. Paul Charette

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Design of instrumentation using imaging, biosensors, and signal analysis.

Prof. Artur José De Brum Fernandes

Department of Medicine, Rheumatology

Bone metabolism and new therapeutic and diagnostic approaches to joint and bone diseases.

Prof. Jean-Bernard Denault

Department of Pharmacology-Physiology

Mechanisms of caspase activation, regulation, and activity.

Prof. Pedro D’Orléans-Juste

Department of Pharmacology-Physiology

Cardiovascular pharmacology of factors derived from the endothelium.

Prof. Yves Dory

Department of Chemistry

Design, synthesis, and characterization of supramolecular nanotubes.

Prof. Nathalie Faucheux

Department of Chemical and Biotechnical Engineering

Functionalized biomaterials. Autografted surfaces. Controlled delivery systems.

Prof. David Fortin

Department of Surgery, Neuro-Surgery

Improvement of chemotherapy for brain cancer.

Prof. Luc Gaudreau

Department of Biology

Role of histone variants and chromatin remodeling complexes in the regulation of gene expression and implications in terms of cancer.

Prof. Louis Gendron

Department of Pharmacology-Physiology

The delta opioid receptor’s role, regulation, and mechanisms of action in the control of pain.

Prof. Fernand-Pierre Gendron

Department of Anatomy and Cellular Biology

Regulation and functions of P2 nucleotide receptors in intestinal diseases.

Prof. Fernand Gobeil

Department of Pharmacology-Physiology

Molecular pharmacology. Recognition and therapeutic applications of kinins.

Prof. Michel Grandbois

Department of Pharmacology-Physiology

Label-free approaches for the study of cellular functions.

Prof. Brigitte Guérin

Department of Nuclear Medicine and Radiobiology

Development of single- and double-action PET radiotracers for the detection and monitoring of cancers.

Prof. Daniel Lafontaine

Department of Biology

Study of the function of cellular metabolites used by riboswitches in biological regulation.

Prof. Pierre Lavigne

Department of Biochemistry

Molecular and Structural Pharmacology.

Prof. Christine Lavoie

Department of Pharmacology-Physiology

Study of functional interactions between signaling and intracellular trafficking processes.

Prof. Roger Lecomte

Department of Nuclear Medicine and Radiobiology

Development of apparatus and methodologies for molecular imaging of small animals.

Prof. Richard Leduc

Department of Pharmacology-Physiology

Studies of serine protease cell surface proteins and G protein-coupled receptors.

Prof. Claude Legault

Department of Chemistry

Development of effective synthesis methods involving dynamic interaction between experimental and computational studies.

Prof. Martin Lepage

Department of Nuclear Medicine and Radiobiology

Cancer imaging using magnetic resonance imaging, optical imaging, and positron emission tomography.

Prof. Olivier Lesur

Department of Medicine, Pneumology

Myopathic and vascular dysfunction induced by sepsis and the role of inflammatory molecules.

Prof. Jeffrey Leyton

Department of Nuclear Medicine and Radiobiology

Monoclonal antibodies and antibodies genetically engineered for tumour imaging and therapy.

Prof. Éric Marsault

Department of Pharmacology-Physiology

Medicinal chemistry. Design, synthesis, and optimization of small organic molecules and validation of their therapeutic potential.

Prof. Jean-Luc Parent

Department of Medicine, Rhumatology

Signaling and transport of receptors coupled to G proteins and regulation of prostaglandin synthetases.

Prof. Xavier Roucou

Department of Biochemistry

Study of physiological functions and role in neurodegenerative diseases of the alternative proteome.

Prof. Philippe Sarret

Department of Pharmacology-Physiology

Analgesic effects of GPCRs of neuropeptides and chemokines in animal models of acute, tonic and chronic pain.

Prof. Claude Spino

Department of Chemistry

Organic chemistry. Synthesis of natural products, development of new methods of synthesis, and study of reaction mechanisms.

Prof. Patrick Vermette

Department of Chemical and Biotechnical Engineering

Tissue engineering and biomaterials. Chemistry of colloids and interfaces.

Prof. Yue Zhao

Department of Chemistry

Design, synthesis and study of new polymer materials and stimuli-reactive liquid crystals.