Pharmacology Institute of Sherbrooke

Peptide and Imaging Probe Synthesis Platform

Services offered

Bioconjugation of macromolecules

Some research projects require the addition of a functional chemical group (fluorophore, spacer, imaging chelator of the NOTA and DOTA type, etc.) on proteins (KLH, albumin, antibody, enzyme, etc.) or other macromolecules. The platform has the expertise to carry out the bioconjugation of your molecules of interest with various substrates. The rate for this service is project-based. To obtain a quote, contact Marc-André Bonin.

Chemical modifications

The platform offers peptide modification services. As required, fluorophores, such as FITC and Cy5, may be attached to the peptides. We are also able to synthesize internally quenched peptides carrying a fluorophore and a fluorescence trap. For imaging, chelating agents of the NOTA and DOTA type may be added to the peptides. Various chelating/fluorescence combinations are also possible. We offer the synthesis of peptides comprising one or two disulfide bridges, as well as homodimers and/or heterodimers, linked via disulfide bridges.

Other modifications such as macrocyclization, isosteres of peptide bonds, biotinylation, the addition of functional groups, permeant peptides, etc. are also possible.

Non-natural amino acids

We offer the possibility of incorporating non-natural amino acids, such as D-amino acids, α-disubstituted amino acids, spacers, and PEGs of different lengths into your peptides. Rarer amino acids (> 1000 non-natural amino acids commercially available) can also be incorporated into the peptides at competitive prices, and a customized synthesis of non-natural amino acids may be performed upon project evaluation.

Large-scale synthesis

For the synthesis of larger amounts of peptides, we offer on-demand services for up to 500 mg of peptide with >90% purity.

Creation of a peptide chemical library

The platform also offers to synthesize small targeted libraries containing between 10 and 96 peptides to our clients for the purpose of structure/activity studies. Bohdan MiniBlock technology is also available.

Imaging probe synthesis

The platform offers the imaging probe synthesis. It is possible to carry out the synthesis of probes already reported in the literature or to develop new probes, based on articles in the literature. As required, the team can design peptide or non-peptide probes, in optical, MRI, PET, or multimodal modes. The rate for this service is determined according to the specific project.