Pharmacology Institute of Sherbrooke

Peptide and Imaging Probe Synthesis Platform


These rates apply to the university community. External collaborators (other organizations, companies, etc.) will be charged according to the indirect costs policy.

Symphony X synthetizer

→ Used by default
→ a.a. and HATU included

Autonomous user

This user will be trained by the platform manager. The user is responsible for purification and characterization. Other reagents and consumables (solvents, activating base, piperidine for deprotection, reactors, cartridges, etc.) are supplied by the platform.

- 100 µmoles: $ 6/a.a. in single coupling and $ 8 in dual coupling
- 250 µmoles: $ 9/a.a. in single coupling

- $ 5 for the rental of the reactor will be added for each synthesis.

Non-autonomous user

The synthesis will be carried out by platform personnel and the peptide will be returned to the user after purification.

Internal user (100 µmoles):

- Basic rate of $ 200 including 10 a.a. + $ 5/additional a.a.

External academic user:

Same rate as non-autonomous internal users plus indirect charges.

Tribute IR synthetizer

For more difficult syntheses requiring synthesis monitoring and/or heating by infrared

→ a.a. et HATU not included.

- 50 µmoles: $ 5.25/a.a.
- 100 µmoles: $ 6.50/a.a.
- 250 µmoles: $ 9.00/a.a.
- $ 5  for the rental of the reactor will be added for each synthesis.