Sherbrooke Molecular Imaging Centre

Located at the CHUS Research Centre (CRCHUS), close to the Institute of Pharmacology of Sherbrooke (IPS), the Sherbrooke Molecular Imaging Centre (CIMS), featuring cutting-edge equipment, offers several medical imaging services to researchers.

The CIMS specializes in the production of medical radioisotopes and radiotracers, protein and peptide labeling, nuclear imaging (PET and SPECT), magnetic resonance imaging, and optical imaging. The CIMS has the infrastructure for pre-clinical and clinical research in oncology, cardiology, metabolism, and neurology.

Services offered

Below is a summary of the main services offered:

  • Production of medical isotopes and development of radiotracers;
  • Labeling of proteins and peptides;
  • Positron emission tomography (PET), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography imaging (CT), and optical imaging (fluorescence / bioluminescence);
  • Various pre-clinical models and experimental design;
  • Pre-clinical and clinical studies, metabolic studies, turnkey pharmacokinetic studies
  • Specialty in oncology and cardiology;
  • Design and development of high-resolution pre-clinical PET/CT scanners.


      Below is a list of the CIMS’s main infrastructure:


        • Cyclotrons (2);
        • Shielded cells and synthesis units;
        • GMP clean rooms.

          Complete pre-clinical unit:

            • On-site housing (ventilated racks and controlled environment);
            • Levels 1 and 2 preparation suites;
            • Surgery ward and necropsy room.

              Pre-clinical imaging:

                • Triumph ™ PET/CT/SPECT scanner;
                • LabPET ™ 4 PET scanner;
                • 7T MRI scanner;
                • Optical QOS ™ scanner.

                  Clinical imaging:

                  • Gemini GLX and TF PET/CT scanners;
                  • 3.0 T Ingenia MRI and 1.5 T MAGNETOM Sonata scanners;
                  • MG SPECT scanner;
                  • High density EEG;
                  • Optical micro-endoscope.