Pharmacology Institute of Sherbrooke

Bioanalysis Platform

Services offered

Physico-chemical analysis

Structural elucidation

Traditional analyzes for the characterization of organic compounds (after synthesis or purification) are in most cases very limited in structural information. The Platform can thus offer you a service of structural elucidation of your molecule of interest, by studies of fragmentations in tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS). Quadrupole time-of-flight (QTOF) analyzes for the exact mass can also be included.

Certificate of purity and identification of impurities

Whether it is an active substance or a formulation, the Platform can study its purity by specific chromatography analysis, as well as detection by means of a detector coupling in series or in parallel ( UV, MS, ELSD, etc.). In addition, the water content of certain active compounds or formulation can quickly become problematic in a commercial regulatory context. The platform can thus include measurements of residual water traces (Karl Fisher).

Isotherm and determination of kinetic and thermodynamic parameters

Langmuir, BET, Freundlich are very efficient theoretical or semi-empirical models that can describe the molecule-matter interactions. The Bioanalysis Platform is able to study the mechanisms of sorption/desorption of your compounds in condensed phases.

Partition Coefficient

With the Bioanalysis Platform, you will be able to estimate all types of sharing constants by batch analyzes, as well as chromatographic analysis. This will allow you, among other things, to compare compounds, to estimate solubility or to achieve molecular normalization.

Compound trace analysis

Multiresidue analysis

The Bioanalysis Platform offers you to explore the extremely small by multi-residue analysis at the scale of the trace on about a hundred biologically active molecules and their metabolites. This service offers you a targeted mapping of your samples.

Implementation and development of methods

The Bioanalysis Platform also has systems to perform routine extractions and purifications of your samples. We also offer a whole development system in terms of purification and preparation. Methods such as solid phase dispersion or microdispersion purification can become a solution for small samples (<10 mg).

Molecular stability and forced degradation

Molecular stability is a parameter to be taken into account before any further studies. The Bioanalysis Platform is able to monitor the evolution and stability of your compounds in synthetic matrices (plasma, serum, enzymes, etc.) and to estimate the critical points (pH, ionic strength, etc.). A determination of transformation products is also possible.

Our services also make it possible to carry out studies of photochemical and photophysical stabilities. The stability of your compounds in photolysis or hydrolysis can be estimated kinetically, as well as the effect of wavelength or temperature.

Detection of molecules at endogenous levels

Pharmacokinetic analyzes