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Award 2016

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In 2016, IPS and its partners offered five grants of $15,000 for one year to co-management students involved in projects related to IPS's mission:

Winner 2016

Award IPS - Domenico Regoli

Émilie Eiselt, Ph. D. candidate in pharmacology under the supervision of Pr. Louis Gendron and Pr. Philippe Sarret for the project development of opioid bifunctional chimeric molecules / neurotensin for the treatment of pain. 

Award IPS - Pierre Deslongchamps

Marco André Echeverria, Master's candidate in chemistry under the supervision of  Pr. Éric Marsault and Pr. Claude Spino for the project New α, α-disubstituted amino acids for APJ receptor exploration.

Award 2015

Winner 2015

Award IPS - Pierre Deslongchamps

Mme Myriam Fauteux, Master's candidate in biology under the supervision of Pr. Luc Guadreau (biology), and Pedro Segura (chemistry) for the project of micropollutants in drinking water and their effects on Aryl hydrocarbon (AhR) receptor signaling. 

Award IPS - Domenico Regoli

M. Étienne Marouseau, Ph. D. student in chemistry under supervision of Pr.  Pr Éric Marsault  (pharmacology - physiology) and Pr. Christine Lavoie (pharmacology -physiology) for the project of the synthesis of guanidinium-rich transporters for the study of transmembrane transport and vectorization of drugs.

Award 2014

Winner 2014

Award IPS - Domenico Regoli

Laurent-Olivier Roy, Ph. D. candidate in pharmacology

Award IPS - Pierre Deslongchamps

Ludovic Deny, Ph. D. candidate in pharmacology

Award IPS - CNS

Élie Besserer-Offroy, candidate Ph. D. in pharmacology

Award IPS - CIMS

Alexandra Bourgoin, Ph. D. candidate in pharmacology