A look at a foreign student budget for a twelve-month period

Based on full time registration, the following table provides an idea of the costs that could be incurred during a twelve-month period. Amounts are in Canadian dollars. Euro equivalence is provided for your information and can vary depending on currency fluctuation2. Please note that the university fees are not included in this list.

Upon arrival

Installation fees
(household articles, deposit for a telephone line, etc.)
Winter clothing$500€325
Papers (CAQ, student permit)$ 260€169
TOTAL $1,260€819

Annual cost of living

Health insurance (annual fee)$900€600
Housing (electricity, heating)$4,992€3,241
Telephone, Internet, cable$1,200€779
Educational supplies$1,200€779
Food and medical products$4,200€2,727
Personal expenses (leisure, clothing, etc.)$1,920€1,248
Miscellaneous (unforeseeable expenses)$1 000€650
Urban transitIncluded in university fees3
Inter-city transit$7204€467
TOTAL $16,132€10,491
TOTAL (including upon arrival)$ 17,392€11,310

2. Currency rate as of June 2019.

3. As of 2004, Université de Sherbrooke students enjoy free access to the Sherbrooke urban transit upon presentation of their student card. This is a first in Quebec and was implemented as part of a series of innovative environmental measures that make up the university’s Green Plan. In addition to saving students hundreds of dollars annually (a regular monthly pass costs $79), free access to urban transit decreases the need for additional parking areas and reduces polluting emissions by reducing traffic on the Sherbrooke campuses and in certain areas of the city.

4. An inter-city bus transit system to the major urban centres (Montréal and Québec City) is accessible from either the Main Sherbrooke Campus or the downtown terminal. Student rates are available.

Information contained on this page can change without notice.