Request for Admission

Admission Form

We invite you to complete your Admission Form online en français.

Hard copy printouts are also available from two sources:

  • from the Web site en français, in PDF format;
  • by calling the Registrar’s Office of the Université de Sherbrooke at 1 819 821-7686.

Fill in the admission form and be sure to include all documents.

Your request will only be processed upon receipt of all documents including payment of the administration fee.

To access the admission form and to see the list of required documents, please see the Request for Admission to the Université de Sherbrooke form (en français).


All students admitted to the Université de Sherbrooke must have a functional knowledge of French that will enable them to take courses at all levels of study. Candidates for admission who have completed their studies in a language other than French may have to take a French proficiency test. Depending on the results, the student may have to take one or more French courses.

To help students who do not speak French, The Language Centre of the Department of Letters and Communications of the Université de Sherbrooke offers a micro-program, French as Second Language.

This program offers 5 intensive courses in the following areas:

  • Verbal communication
  • Written communication
  • Grammar
  • Language and culture

Courses in the micro-program are free of charge for students who are required to take these courses as a condition of admission to the Université de Sherbrooke.