Study Programs

The Quebec School System

The Université de Sherbrooke offers study programs at all three levels of education.



Three or four years of study leading to a North-American Bachelor’s degree. This diploma corresponds to a Bachelor’s +3 or +4 or to a license in other French-based education systems.

Graduate – Master’s


From eighteen months to two years of study leading to a North-American Master’s degree. The degree is obtained either by doing research with thesis (R) or by doing course work (without thesis) (C). This diploma corresponds to a Bachelor’s +5 or +6 or the equivalent in other French-based education systems (DEA or DESS).


Graduate diplomas usually include the same courses as masters, but do not require a thesis or long paper. These programs are intended for professionals.

Graduate – Doctorate


Three or five years of study leading to a Doctorate (Ph.D. or DBA [in Administration]). Most doctoral programs investigate fundamental or applied research.

Study Duration

In Quebec, the duration of a study program is seen in terms of credits. Each course corresponds to a certain number of credits. Usually, courses are worth three credits and consist of 45 hours distributed over 15 weeks, i.e. three hours per week. So, one credit is the equivalent of one hour in class per week for 15 weeks. Credits required for a diploma are as follows:

  • 90 to 120 credits for a Bachelor’s degree, 3-4 years of study;
  • 45 to 60 credits for a Master’s degree, 1.5-2 years of study;
  • 90 credits for a Doctorate, 3-5 years of study;
  • 30 credits for a Graduate Diploma, 1 year of study.