Ongoing Projects

ProjectHighly Qualified Personel
1. All-type hydrocarbons reforming using Ni-UGSO spinel catalysts at atmospheric pressureFrank Blondel Dega Dongmo; N. Abatzoglou/N. Braidy
2. All-type hydrocarbons reforming using Ni-UGSO spinel catalysts at pressures higher than atmospheric and at pilot scale "kg-lab"Mostafa Chamoumi; N. Abatzoglou
3. Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis (FTS): Time evolution of the catalysts phases and its influence on the catalysts efficiency and regenerationJames Aluha Lulizi; N. Braidy
4. Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis (FTS): Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of the FTS catalystsJames Aluha Lulizi
5. Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis (FTS): Techno-economic analysis of the process for the integration of this technology in BiorefineriesJames Aluha Lulizi
6. Autothermal pyrolysis of plastic residuesSalma Belbessai; N. Abatzoglou, F. Gitzhofer, E. Benyoussef, F. Mohellebi
7. Production of carbon nanofilaments by catalytic reforming of pyrolytic productsAbir Azara; N. Abatzoglou, F. Gitzhofer, E. Benyoussef
8. Pyrolytic Oils Reforming with Ni-UGSO CatalystAmine Bali; N. Abatzoglou
9. Prediction of the segregation trends of binary granular systems as a function of the cohesion and adhesion parameters Oumaima Chaib; Nicolas Abatzoglou
10. Monitoring of powder behavior in a tableting feed frame using NIR imaging and spectroscopyHimmat Madhukar Dalvi; Ryan Gosselin, Nicolas Abatzoglou

Completed Projects

ProjectHighly Qualified Personel
1. YSZ role in Ni-Al spinel catalysts used in liquid hydrocarbons steam reformingInes Esma Achouri; Nadi Braidy
2. Ni-functionalized CNF as CH4 steam reforming catalystsCarmina Reyes-Plascencia
3. Fe and Zn-functionalized CNF as H2S adsorbentsClémence Fauteux-Lefebvre
4. Study of UGS Oxides-catalyzed steam reforming of biomassStudent to come, Maria Iliuta & Faiçal Larachi
5. Gasification tail gas steam reforming using Ni-Al spinel catalystsJasmin Blanchard; Mostafa Chamoumi
6. Gasification tail gas dry reforming using Ni-Al spinel catalystsMostafa Chamoumi
7. Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis (FTS): Optimized Nano-Iron Carbides (NIC) catalysts formulations and production: Minimization of the residual graphitic matrixJames Aluha Lulizi; François Gitzhofer
8. Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis (FTS): Optimized Carbon Nano-Filaments (CNF) and Carbon Nano-Tudes (CNT)-supported Iron and Cobalt catalysts formulations and productionJames Aluha Lulizi