Recent publications

Invited presentations

21. R. Fontaine, K. Koua, M. Benhouria, W. Lemaire, E. Plourde, S. Roy, « Issues and opportunities in stimulator ASIC design, » iBionics technical seminars, Gatineau, April 25, 2017.

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16 S. Roy, « Un cadre de prototypage logiciel-matériel sur FPGA appliqué aux communications sans fil multi-antennes, » invited in-depth presentation, Ecole d'hiver Francophone sur les Technologies de Conception des Systèmes embarqués Hétérogènes (FETCH) --- Francophone Winter School on Design Technologies for Heterogeneous Embedded Systems, Quebec City, Canada, Jan. 5--7, 2011.

Journal papers

21. W. Abid, S. Roy, and M. L. Ammari, « Uplink performance analysis for massive MIMO linear processing, » IEEE Access, vol. 7, no. 1, pp. 180749-180760, Dec. 2019.

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Conference papers

122. W. Lemaire, M. Besrour, M. Benhouria, K. Koua, G. M. Hardy, W. Tong, M. Stamp, A. Ahnood, D. Garrett, R. Hilkes, S. Prawer, J. Patrick, S. Roy, and R. Fontaine, « A fully wireless 288 electrodes retinal implant with an optical data and power link with ultrananocrystalline diamond electrodes, » The Eye and the Chip, Dearborn, Michigan, Nov. 10-12, 2019.

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116. W. Abid, S. Roy, and M. L. Ammari, « Multi-layer linear processing for uplink massive

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115. W. Abid, S. Roy, M. L. Ammari, and H. Fu, « Two-layer linear processing for uplink massive

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114. H. Fu, S. Roy, and J. Cheng, « An accurate simple approximation to the double-Nakagami (generalized-K) fading channels, » IEEE International Conference on Computing, Networking and Communications (ICNC), Maui, Mar. 3-5, 2018.


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