AIMEZ Vincent

Ph. D.
Full Professor




  • DUT génie électrique, Rouen, France 1994;
  • B.Sc Applied Physics with microelectronics , Kingston University, Royaume Uni, 1996;
  • M.Sc.A. Electrical Engineering (Sherbrooke, 1998);
  • Ph.D. Electrical Engineering (Sherbrooke, 2000)

Research expertise and domains

Micro/nano-fabrication techniques. Réalization of integrated photonic devices for telecommunication and biosensing devices

Research Activities

  • Quantum well and quentum dot intermixing using low energy ion implantation
  • Hybrid integration of III-V semiconductor membranes onto substrates integrating low loss waveguides
  • Realization of evanescent wave bio sensors and microcalorimeters
  • Fabrication of electronic and optoelectronic devices on GaN/AlGaN heterostructures

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Recent scientific communications

Complete list of scientific papers

E. Wieczerzak, R. Hamel, V. Aimez, P.G. Charette, M. Grandbois, and E. Escher,  Monitoring native chemical ligation by surface plasmon resonance. Journal of Peptide Sience, 2007, In Press

Y. Linzon, R. Morandotti, M. Volatier, V. Aimez, R. Ares, S. Bar-Ad, Nonlinear scattering and trapping by local photonic potentials, Phys. Rev. Lett. 99, 133901, 2007.

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N. Pauc, V. Aimez, E. Hadji and D. Drouin, Fabrication of photonic crystal light emitting devices on silicon on insulator Symposium B : Semiconductor nanostructures towards electronic and optoelectronic device applications, E-MRS 2007 Strasbourg (France) May 28 - June 1, 2007. (Best poster)

A. Francois, V. Aimez, J. Beauvais, M. Gendry, P. Regreny, Enhancement of quantum well intermixing on InP/InGaAs/InGaAsP heterostructures using titanium oxide surface stressors to induce forced point defect diffusion, Applied Physics Letters 89, 164107, 2006.

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B. Salem, D. Morris, Y. Salissou, V. Aimez, S. Charlebois, M. Chicoine, and F. Schiettekatte (2005) Terahertz Emission Properties of Arsenic and Oxygen Ion-Implanted GaAs Based Photoconductive Antennas, J. of Vac. Science and Technology A, Vol. 24, 3, pp. 774-777, May 2006

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B. Salem, D. Morris, V. Aimez, J. Beauvais, and D. Houde, Characteristics of Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy Devices Fabricated using Proton-Bombarded GaAs Photoconductive Materials, Semiconductor Science and Technology, 21, 283-286, 2006.

B. Salem, V. Aimez, D. Morris, A. Turala, P. Regreny and M. Gendry, Bandgap tuning of InAs/InP quantum sticks using low-energy ion-implantation-induced intermixing, Applied Physics Letters, v.87, 24115, Oct. 2005.  

M. Nannini, E. Grondin, A. Gorin, V. Aimez and J.E. Broquin Hybridization of III-V semiconductor membranes onto ion-exchanged waveguides, IEEE Journal of selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, Special issue on Integrated Optics, vol.11 Issue 2, pp 547-554, 2005

V. Aimez, J. Beauvais, J. Beerens, D. Morris, H.S. Lim, B.S. Ooi Low energy ion implantation induced quantum well intermixing, IEEE Journal of selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, Vol.8, issue 4,pp 870-879, 2002.  

Other information

Research group director of CRN2 
Member of CEGI
Member of RQMP
Membre of CBB
Member of the NanoQuébec consortium