Amelis calendar for seniors

The main goal of this project is to develop an interactive calendar, named Amelis, that helps in the daily life organization through an emotional virtual agent. The virtual agent can be characterized according to one's preferences (appearance,  expressivity, environment, role, etc) which makes it natural for elders to interact with it.

Among the purposes of this project :

  • Develop a dialog allowing to have a natural discussion between the user and the virtual agent.
  • Develop an emotional model for the virtual agent.
  • Study the acceptability of Amelis.

This project is based on a participatory design process where elders were involved in the conception process of Amelis since the beginning.

Members of the team

Principal investigators

Hélène Pigot, Domus laboratory, Université de Sherbrooke

Dominique Lorrain, Université de Sherbrooke

Christine Chauvin, Université de Bretagne-Sud

Clément Guerin, Université de Bretagne-Sud

PhD student

Wathek Bellah Loued, Domus laboratory, Université de Sherbrooke

Amandine Porcher, Domus laboratory, Université de Sherbrooke

MSc student

Léopold Lieb, Domus laboratory, Université de Sherbrooke


Matthieu Courgeon, conceptor of MARC the virtual agent


Marie Chidaine, Domus laboratory, Université de Sherbrooke

Orlane Sausset, Domus laboratory, Université de Sherbrooke


Conference papers
  1. Loued, W. B., Porcher, A., Lieb, L., Pigot, H., Lorrain, D., Chauvin, C., & Guerin, C. (2016). Amelis: concevoir un agent virtuel expressif intégré à un calendrier interactif pour des aînés. WACAI, Brest.
  2. Loued, W. B., and Pigot, H. (2016). Emotional Virtual Agent to Improve Ageing in Place with Technology. In Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Digital Health Conference (DH '16). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 169-170. DOI=
Published abstracts
  1. Loued, W. B., Lieb, L., Porcher, A., Lorrain, D., Guérin, C., Chauvin, C. & Pigo, H. (2016). Agent virtuel et personnes âgées font-ils bon ménage ?. CAG, Montréal.

Awards and recognition

Video prensenting the project (in French)