The DOMUS laboratory owns an apartment of 4½ rooms on the campus of the Université de Sherbrooke. This apartment has been transformed into an intelligent habitat in two stages.

Firstly, it has been  equipped with heterogeneous networks (Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, power lines, infrared, etc.), sensors and effectors (Ubisense, movement detectors, electromagnetic contacts, tactile carpets, debitmeters, microphones, loudspeakers, readers and RFID tags, etc.), kitchen appliances (cooker, dishwasher, etc.), apartment furniture (table, chairs, cabinets, bed, etc.) and communication objects (wireless screens, touch screens, PDA, cell phones, etc.). The server room, walls and ceiling of the apartment have been designed to facilitate re-organization and reconfiguration of sensors and effectors.

Secondly, cognitive assistance systems, remote and medical monitoring systems have been used.

The infrastructure available at the Université de Sherbrooke will complement the existing basic equipment and will be used for basic and applied research, in particular for the development of innovative assistance solutions in public and semi-public places.