Our area of research

The DOMUS laboratory develops research prototypes for cognitive assistance for people with cognitive deficits (especially memory, attention, planning and initiative deficits). The prototypes integrate diffuse computing, ambient intelligence, mobile computing, tangible interfaces and cognitive modeling.

The objective of the research carried out at DOMUS is to transform into a real cognitive orthesis the habitat taken in its broad sense: residences, semi-public places, public places, both inside and outside the buildings .

  • On the one hand, the home becomes a personalized, contextual and adaptive cognitive support capable of alleviating cognitive deficits. For example, it helps its occupant to manage his schedule, carry out his activities of daily life, maintain social contacts, find objects, take his medication, etc.
  • On the other hand, outside the home, mobile systems help him to move around and manage his time, give instructions according to where he is, and collect ecological data essential for better medical follow-up.

In addition to cognitive support systems, other systems support remote and medical monitoring over short and long periods of time. These systems allow caregivers and health care professionals to better accompany people with cognitive impairments.