PhD students

You will find here the students who are currently in the DOMUS laboratory.

Corentin Haidon

PhD student in computer science

Subject: Human-Artificial Intelligence co-construction of a connected habitat in Augmented Reality

Director(s): Sylvain Giroux (director) and Hélène Pigot (co-director)

2018/04 to now

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Armel Ayimdji Tekemetieu

PhD student in computer science

Subject: An ontological model for cognitive assistance in intelligent habitats.

Director(s): Sylvain Giroux, Hélène Pigot and Carolina Bottari

2018/01 to now

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François Racicot-Lanoue

PhD student in gerontology

Subject:Technologies at the service of self-help networks and active aging: an integrated approach

Director(s): Hélène Pigot, Suzanne Garon and Véronique Provencher

2019/01 to now

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Frédéric Bergeron

PhD student in computer science

Subject:Specialized Protocols for the Internet of Things

Director(s): Sylvain Giroux, Kevin Bouchard (UQAC) and Sébastien Gaboury (UQAC)

2018/09 to now

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