Former research professionals

You will find below the list of research professionals who have contributed to the DOMUS laboratory since 2002.

Marie-Michèle Rosa-Fortin

Administrative coordinator/AGE WELL WP3 coordinator

Research projects: DIY-Aide, COOK-Culinary assistant, NEARS, Amelis, ASSTIMOOVE, COOP Ixia

2015/06 to 2020/06

Robert Radziszewski

Research profressional

Software developer

Projects: DIY-Aide and COOK-Culinary Assistant

2017/06 to 2019/12

Maxime Parenteau

Technological coordinator

Software developer

Projects: DIY-Aide, Amelis calendar for seniors, COOK-Culinary Assistant, SAPA Techhnology, NEARS

2015/08 to 2019/09


Conference paper
  1. Ngankam H.K., Pigot, H., Parenteau, M., Lussier, M., Aboujaoudé, A., Laliberté, C., Couture, M., Bier, N., & Giroux, S. (2019) An IoT Architecture of Microservices for Ambient Assisted Living Environments to Promote Aging in Smart Cities. In: Pagán J., Mokhtari M., Aloulou H., Abdulrazak B., Cabrera M. (eds) How AI Impacts Urban Living and Public Health. ICOST 2019. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 11862. Springer, Cham. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-32785-9_14
Poster presentation
  1. Hubert Kenfack Ngankam, Armel Ayimdji, Maxime Parenteau, Helene Pigot, Sylvain Giroux, Corentin Haidon NEARS, an Ecosystem for Ambient Assisted Living. AGE-WELL’s 4th Annual Conference. Vancouver, British Columbia, October 17th, 2018.

Léopold Lieb

Research professional

Software developer

Project: NEARS

2018/03 to 2019/07

Pierre-Yves Groussard

Technological coordinator

Software developer

Projects: COOK-Culinary Assistant, DIY-Aide, Asstimoove, SAPA Technology, NEARS

2015/05 to 2018/05

Stéphanie Stocco

Research professional

Occupational therapist

Project: DIY-Aide

2016/07 to 2017/06

Valentin CABIOCH
2015 to 2016


2014 to 2015

Véronique FORTIN
2013 to 2014

Jean-Paul VIBOUD
2008 to 2013


2004 to 2008