Phone numbers

For general inquiries, you can reach the DOMUS laboratory at 819-821-8000 extension 63825.

For questions about administrative aspects, please contact Marie-Michèle Rosa-Fortin at the extension 65562.

For questions about technological aspects, please contact Maxime Parenteau at the extension 65174.

For questions about the COOP DOMUS, please contact Ariane Tessier at the extension 65965.

To reach Professor Sylvain Giroux, use the extension 62027.

To reach Professor Hélène Pigot, use the extension 63078.


Laboratoire DOMUS, Département d'informatique, Faculté des sciences,
Université de Sherbrooke
2500 boul. Université
Sherbrooke, QC
Canada, J1K 2R1


The DOMUS laboratory is located on the main campus of the Université de Sherbrooke, at the level 0 of the D6 building (pavillon Marie-Victorin). Its exact location is D6-0013 to D6-0020.

You can find the D6 building on this plan of the campus. The closest parking lots are P.D8 and P.D4.

If you choose to come inside the D6 building from the entrance in front of the C2 building, you will find yourself in front of the cafeteria. You may turn right in front of the phone cabins and right again after. You will then go down the stairs to the lower level and turn right again. You will find the laboratory on your left in front of you.

If you choose to come inside the D6 building through the D4 building, you will have to go up the stairs to the 1st floor and turn right. At the end of that hall, you will turn left to cross the footbridge to the D6 building. You will find the laboratory on your left after walking a few meters.

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